“Gospel Treason”—-trust me on this one


Ever since I submitted my life to the lordship of Jesus Christ back in June of 1982, I have been involved in numerous Bible studies and have been a voracious reader.

Some of the readers of my blog know me well, for some others, you are beginning to better understand my heart and mind as you read through these posts.

All that said, I’m asking you to trust me on this one and take my advice: read the book “Gospel Treason” by Brad Bigney.

To say that God has used this book in my own spiritual growth and in the lives of those in a small group I attend would be a big understatement.

It really is that good.

A huge influence on my life once said that if you are looking to grow in your walk with God….if you really want it (Him) to mean something, moving beyond just “feeling or acting religious”, then strive to know God better and honestly, strive to get to know your self better.

Reading this book will help you in both ways. Trust me—read it.

“Sit, Walk, Stand” – Watchman Nee book review in Ephesians


There are few people who have impacted my understanding of the Christian faith as profoundly as Watchman Nee.

He had an immense love of the Bible and his insights into the Christian walk are rich. He helped establish local churches in China beginning in the 1930’s and was imprisoned for his faith up until the time he died in 1972.

Sit, Walk, Stand is overview of the Letter to the Ephesians.  In this short book, Watchman Nee offers some profound teachings on the Christian’s association with Christ, the world, and Satan.

This book is a treat.

Christian, are you enjoying your relationship with Christ?


Let’s be honest, living the Christian faith can be difficult at times. Although we are familiar with the concept of GRACE, too often, a “trying to earn God’s favor by doing the right things seeps into our mindset. The consequences of doing so are stress, carrying heavy burdens, and frustration.

Though this “Romans 7” experience is common, God has such a greater vision for each of us. He has called us to a life of FREEDOM. He has called into a relationship with Him that we are meant to enjoy.

Does that sound inviting? Is that kind of Christian life possible? It is.

Let me encourage you to take the time to listen to this message by Terry Virgo, which he preached at James River Church on July 19, 2015. They have graciously allowed me to pass on the link for this message to my readers.

Listen to this message. You will not regret the time you do. It will be a step towards you experiencing true freedom!