What did my friend seem to tell me each time we talked?


So, the work week is over—ahhh!

Now, comes the weekend.  But, if you are like many people, your weekend will be filled with driving kids to soccer games and church activities. Then, you will be probably looking to tackle some project around the home, or that needs to be done to your care.   Oh, then, you might be also be going to a party.  Many of you, hopefully –all  🙂   will also be going to church on Sunday, which could take up all morning .    Then, the week starts again.

So, what’s my point in all this–its stating the obvious, most of us just live very busy lives. I don’t really have too much of a problem in being busy, as long as I can be intentional about finding rest periods as well.

But, what I really want to stress today is that in all of our busyness, we can miss out on just looking into the eyes of our spouse, and our children and just enjoying, even relishing each and every moment of life that you have with them.

I remember about 25 years ago being at church and it seemed like every conversation I had with an older friend of mine, he would tell me, “enjoy the time with your children because time goes by too fast”.  It was almost bizarre at times how many times he told me this.

But, I believe I needed to hear those words.  I think his advice was very wise and I did take it to heart.

Let me encourage you as well today, amidst all the stresses of life and all your busyness, “enjoy the time with your children because time goes by too fast”.

Look into the eyes of your spouse and give her a longer hug than you normally would.

Sit at a table with her and listen to her dreams and her thoughts about her day.

Cozy up to your kids and read a book to them.   family hiking

Wrestle on the floor with your children.

Give your mom and dad a call or visit them.

Give Hallmark some business and buy a card for a loved one.


Enjoy the precious moments you have TODAY with your loved ones because there are just too many things that want to distract us from what is most important.

Like expanding ripples…


There are a number of things wrong with Washington. One of them is that everyone is too far from home.

I thought that this was a pretty profound insight from this president.   I wonder how many people there are that are looking to conquer the world, and/or climb the corporate ladder to make it to the top of their organization, or industry, but in their crazed ambition, they have overlooked that their foundations back at home are crumbling.

Let me encourage you to never overlook or take for granted those people closest to you, whose lives you influence in far greater ways than you can ever imagine.  Realistically, there will be many attractive career opportunities available for you to pursue, but rarely do those moments occur when your little girl needs her daddy to be there because some boy just made fun of her,  or broke up with her.

And so vital is it for us,  husbands to understand that as we are describing all the bells and whistles that come our way with our successes at work that we don’t miss seeing the quiet efforts of our life partner who has always been there for us in our successes and failures.   I hope we never fail to appreciate and respect all that our spouses contribute to enriching our life, and our family’s.

Although your influence may expand in life, like expanding ripples when a stone is thrown in a pond,  never lose sight of your water_splashresponsibilities at home–  at the center of your life.


Being intentional in loving my wife


Here are 5 ideas that I am working on to love my spouse. I may not accomplish.these every day, but this is a goal I’m willing to put time and effort towards because my wife is worth it.
1) partner with her in your finances: make a budget and stick to it. Sacrifice now for financial health in the future
2) touch her –just because (with no ulterior motives)
3) pray daily with her
4) take time to talk with her daily (and to listen)
5) be consistent in showing her good manners (treat her like a lady)

Without goals or a vision, we just kind of “do life”. However, with goals and vision, we accomplish the desires of our heart. We will see movement in the areas that are most important to us. Having a dynamic relationship with my spouse is one of my goals. Accomplishing this goal will take a great deal of effort. It will mean developing habits that will help contribute to making it happen. Oh, and one final thought, there is a world of difference between having good
intentions (a desire)and being intentional (working hard and focused). It is the latter, which will bring success to your goals

this is a simple, but important reminder to…


This is a fairly direct post—its a simple reminder to make it a priority today to spend time with your children and loved ones.

There will always be other things you can be doing with your time and energy, but as you invest your time in building a relationship with your loved ones, you will be amazed at the benefits that come from it.

Treasure these precious moments today with your loved ones while you can. Who knows what changes in circumstances will come tomorrow.