“Is this water going to be refreshing or bad for me”?


Many of the posts I write about have to do with perspective.  I believe its because of the perspective we have on things that cause us to act like we do.  One of my favorite things are M&M’s.   When I see a bowl of M&M’s, I know  that as soon as I scoop up my first handful, a smile will come to my taste buds and I will feel happier.  That’s weird to say that, huh? (although I’m sure you can probably relate).

However, like eating one potato chip (I don’t think its possible), one handful of M&M’s is nearly impossible for me to do.

I think one scoop will satisfy, but it won’t. So, I take another one, and another.  Pretty soon, my happy feelings turn into a kind of yucky feeling.

I think life is like that.  We all face so many choices throughout our days and its the wisdom of our perspective that makes all the difference between having a deep feeling of contentment, or “need for more attitude that leads to yuckiness”.

Recently, I was reminded of this “perspective in our choices” kind of issue after reading  Brad Bigney’s excellent book, “Gospel Treason”.  Here are a few notes from it that I took:

-God doesn’t just give you satisfaction. Rather than merely giving you water, He establishes IN  YOU a fountain of living water
its as though we’re in a boat surrounded by what looks like refreshing , thirst-quenching water, but its full of salt. Everything outside of God in Christ is saltwater, and it only leaves you thirstier  than you were before.
-enjoy the stuff of this world, but don’t live for them.. They cannot sustain you. You were made for something bigger, better, fuller.   You were made for an appetite for God, and nothing else will satisfy. .   
-1 Tim. 6:17c (ESV) , says “God richly provides us with everything to enjoy. “
-So, if you have them (the material stuff in this world), enjoy them. Thank God for them. Just don’t get lost in the gift and forget the Giver . Only God Himself can satisfy.
-Idolatry is a threat to your soul.
Although there is so much around you that would seem to bring you an immediate sense of enjoyment, take the time my friend to evaluate the bigger picture.   Are you, in actuality believing that some  thing or person will bring you a lasting satisfaction and fulfillment, when only a personal relationship with the living and loving God can do that?    As good as this “obvious choice” looks, will my yielding to it be good for me, or something harmful?

we can learn much from Van Halen…


David Lee Roth from Van Halen wrote in his autobiography that in one year, they did up to 100 concerts, including a lot of smaller venues.

On average, rock bands would typically use three semi-trucks filled with their equipment. Van Halen could have up to 9 filled semi-trucks loaded with their stage and music equipment. They had a mass amount of stuff with very specific instructions on stage prep. Among other issues, with so much equipment, safety for all concert-goers was a major concern.

In their contract, there was a clause (article 126) that stated that back stage there needed to be a bowl of M&M’s without any brown ones—-what an example of over the top, rock ‘n roller behavior, right!

Hardly, the reason for those specfic “M&M” instructions was so that they knew how well the concert hall staff read through the contract’s fine details of the specs for the stage layout and equipment.

If they missed the brown M&M’s clause in the contract, it was reasonable to think they probably missed many other important details, some of which could be dangerous.

There are two lessons I take away from this (you probably have more):
1) it is not wise to judge by appearance because most of the time, we don’t know the full details of all that is going on and why
2) be mindful of details