Hey, can you help me move a piano?


Years before the digital revolution where lightweight, portable electronic keyboards are now common, many of us have had large, and very heavy pianos in our house.

There was no way they could be moved by one individual, so the plea was made to family and friends for help.

I thought about this “getting help from friends” request  because I’ve run into several people lately that have been going through some very difficult, heavy times and when I’ve talked further with them about their experiences, they’ve commented back to me that they are not really close to anyone.  In the midst of being emotionally overwhelmed, they are having to make sense of a very difficult situation on their own.   I feel for them.  Not surprising to me is that each of the people I’ve talked to have been men.  Quite typically, as guys, we just have this “isolate ourselves from others” mentality.  It’s really not a good thing

Guys, that kind of mindset might work in the short-term, actually for years.  However, eventually, there will come a time of crisis where the load is just too heavy to handle on our own.  I’m mentioning this now  in hopes that if you are reading this post and  have no one else in your life that you can be utterly transparent with, I want to strongly encourage you to take a step of faith and try to connect with some other person, of the same gender and have someone to walk through life with you.

Over this past year, I’ve mentioned to you often in posts that I’ve created an app that is meant to not only help you identify your own personal goals,  but also in this app, there is a very cool feature.  It’s a dashboard that allows you to text or e-mail  a friend in a snapshot kind of way how you are doing in all the areas of your responsibilities.

I have used this Dashboard so often with others and found it to be incredibly helpful.   And when I see a “red” area in a friend’s text, we deal with it.   That’s what friends do for each other, right!

If you have been doing life alone, or you understand that a close friend of yours has been doing the “isolate” thing, let me encourage you to try this app.  Do it with a friend.

For less than a Starbucks special coffee, I truly believe you will not regret the cost of using this resource to help you and a friend share in the heavy lifting of life.

To check out the app:

You can visit  either the App Store (for IPhones)     https://appsto.re/us/ejC7fb.I

Google Play Store- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FoundationsLifeCoach.Foundations&hl=en ;



This year: the Giver or the gift ?


Recently, I was sitting on the beach in Ft. Myers, Florida enjoying a beautiful sunny day.  I was admiring the vastness of the gulf in front of me, the splendor of the sandy beach, and feeling the warmth of the sun’s rays upon me.  It was really breathtaking.  My awareness of this awesome scene in front of me led me right away to giving thanks to Almighty God. His creations are truly awe-inspiring.florida-beach

What was interesting about this experience was that as I was marveling at all the sites around me, I looked at many people walking on the beach, many with their heads down.  I thought to myself, “I wonder how many people right now are really enjoying all that is around them.”  I also thought  “I wonder how many are expressing gratitude to a living and loving God who made this all?”

I also got to thinking (I think alot), “what would God be thinking of us, who so often are so unaware and unappreciative for all the good gifts He provides?”

It was a very convicting thought as I recognized how much more grateful I could be toward the Giver of all good gifts.

Shortly after all these thoughts, I got to thinking about Christmas-time and purposed in my heart that beyond any gifts that I might receive, I want to be much more focused on the giver behind those gifts.

Let me encourage you (as I need to be reminded) to not assume you deserve anything in life, let alone during these holidays.  Make the frequent effort to be grateful for all you have and the generosity of others (and God) for all that is bestowed upon you.

Enjoy the holiday season.

Oh, and if I haven’t communicated to you yet about this:  I am really grateful for the completion of a new Life Management APP (and for those who helped in its development):

I think it will be helpful for a lot of people. There is a $2.99 cost to it, but please keep in mind, there is also a cost we pay when we neglect being intentional about striving for excellence in all areas of our responsibilities. Check it out when you can. You can visit either the App Store– Foundations Life Management app for Iphone devices https://appsto.re/us/ejC7fb.i or go to the Google Play Store (for Android devices in the Health & Fitness category) to find Foundations Life Management and look for the Foundations logo

Are you wanting more Balance in your life, here’s an app to help


I’m excited.

As readers of this blog know, I am all about managing my life’s responsibilities and helping others understand the benefit of having this focus as well.

With the help of many people, I’ve created an app that will help you with your life management.  It can be fun and effective AND is something you can do with a close friend .

There is a cost to it, but please keep in mind, there is also a cost we pay when we neglect being intentional about striving for excellence in all areas of our responsibilities.

You can visit   either the App Store (for IPhones)     Foundations Life Management app for Iphone devices

or go to the Google Play Store (for Android devices in the Health & Fitness category) to find Foundations Life Management and look for the Foundations logo

How much does “quality” get factored in to your personal life?

I have often written about my passion for  “striving for excellence in all areas of responsibility so that you can live a life without regrets”.  That to me is the essence of life management.  It is a pursuit of striving to improve the quality of my life.
Just to be clear, I’m not talking about being totally committed to say, your job, where you neglect your health and your family.  That to me is not a quality-led life.  Yeah, you might be excellent in one area, or two, but because you have neglected the other responsibilities,  I believe it will result in having regrets somewhere down the line and those can be pretty painful.
As this slide shows,  I believe there are 7 areas of responsibility and what I’m calling us all to is a vision of excellence in all seven of these areas of responsibility.   My Balance Sheet
Just to be clear, it is highly unlikely you will achieve excellence in all these areas of responsibilities without having a system in place and being very intentional about what you do and why.
So, I don’t know if it will mean much to anyone else, but the vision of “quality” was reinforced to me today, when I thought of two luxury car dealers:  Mercedes Benz and Lexus. If you’ve ever sat in one of these cars, let alone have driven in one, you know what quality FEELS like.  You know quality when you see it.
Lexus’ corporate motto is “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection.”
Mercedes Benz’s corporate motto is “The Best or Nothing”.
I wonder what would happen in my life, or yours if we were to use one of these mottos as a kind of personal mission statement.
*How intentional are you in pursuing excellence in all areas of your responsibilities?
*In what area(s) do you currently excel ?   (for those who are risk-takers, how about asking your spouse this question about you?)
*What area(s) do you need are you weakest ? (for those who are risk-takers, how about asking your spouse this question about you?)
*What action steps can you take this week to improve just a little in each of the areas of responsibility in your life?
                           “Striving for excellence in all areas of your responsibilities so that you can live a life without regrets:

When is the last time you…


Its been a while since I laid out clearly the 5 steps of the Life Management System that I use.  Not only can these 5 steps be used personally to review all the areas of your life’s responsibilities (Devotion to God, Personal Health, Family, Stewardship, Work, Ministry/Volunteering/ Personal Leisure), but they could also be used in any one specific area, say Work.   The 5 steps are;

Taking the time to Evaluate-  this is just a matter of putting yourself in a position where you are undistracted and in a state of mind to be open to being brutally honest in examining your circumstances

Seeing all the areas of Responsiblity–too often, it is easy to emphasize one area of our lives over another.  The result could be that of having a temporary success in one area with regrets beginning to form in those other areas we neglect.

Making Priorities–It is an important thing to see clearly all of our  responsibilities, but somethings at certain times have more priority than others.  The challenge is to get ahead of the curve so that you can effectively work on those areas that truly are most urgent, long term, and not have to go into reactive mode and deal always with crisis situations.

Setting Goals- Being able to identify what are the priorities in your life is a huge step in getting your life in order, but the logical next step is how do you  handle those priorities?  In other words, what do you want to accomplish and when?  What are your specific goals and timeframes?

Managing the Process -With this step, its all about consistency and persevering. Please keep in mind with a life management system as I am describing it, you are not looking at running a sprint, you are looking at running a marathon.

So, what are you waiting for?  Be intentional and get started.  You will greatly benefit from putting these 5 steps into practice.


Tennis like Life –what kind of “game” are you playing?


I really enjoy playing tennis.

Last night, I was playing with one of my daughters and as we got started, I thought to myself what fun I was having. However, about two to three games into our match, I realized this was a different kind of fun I was involved in.

Let me explain, sometimes my wife and I will play tennis with another couple. We keep track of the score, but its a pretty relaxed game. We talk with each other during the game, we smack the ball back and forth to each other, and laugh. Its a very enjoyable time as we are “playing”.

However, I realized in “playing” with my daughter who is very good, as are all my five kids. there is a whole different kind of level of “playing” tennis involved.  What I was doing with my daughter was more intense and required a stepped up effort, both mentally, as well as physically.

I noticed that:
– I had to move my feet much more than I was doing

-I noticed that the balls were being hit at a much faster pace and with my poor eyesight, I needed to concentrate much harder on keeping my eye on the ball

– I needed to push myself to be more patient and intentional about hitting smarter shots, not just whacking the ball

– I also needed to play with much more intensity:

– I had to anticipate where my daughter was going to hit the ball (and get there)

– I couldn’t just slap the ball back to my opponents, I had to concentrate on:
– how I was going to hit the ball (forehand or backhand, with      spin or without, lob or line drive)
– where on the court I was going to hit the ball back to her
– what speed I was going to hit the ball back to her
-I also had to be aware of what part of her game was working and also not working (it turned out – she didn’t have too many weaknesses)

Playing at this higher  level would be fun, but only if I was going to work hard enough to win.
Let me explain this last sentence a bit more clearly. My daughter and I would complement each other when a nice shot was made. We laughed at times. We were having fun. However, although we were enjoying ourselves, we also wanted to win. We were competing.

With that in mind, I realized that just playing a casual, non-thinking game would not work against someone with the tennis ability like my daughter. If I just passively lobbed  the ball back to her and didn’t move much from the baseline, she would consistently put away her shots (which she did often ) —ugh 😦

As all these thoughts were going through my mind last night (during and after the game), I found it interesting to think about the differences in “playing” tennis (one game was very casual and relaxed , and the other was intense requiring a high level of physical and mental effort).

To be successful against my daughter and if I were to win, I had to evaluate my game accurately and be intentional about my behaviors. I also needed to not only come up with an effective strategy for how to play her, but  I needed to continually monitor that plan and make adjustments when necessary.

If you think about it, those same disciplines are necessary for living out our lives.   People have a choice in how they want to “play” the game of life.  They can live life casually without giving much thought to why they do what they do? or  what their vision for success looks like.  Unfortunately, I believe as they live like this, they will experience many regrets.

Another way of living life, which is where my passion is focused is helping others “play” in the game of life with intentionality and much effort.  The life coaching I do centers around 5 key areas: taking time for evaluation, seeing all the areas of responsibility, making priorities, setting goals, and managing the process.

I want to be successful and be the best  I can. I also want the same success for each and every person–to be their best.  When you get a chance, make the time to evaluate what kind of “game of life”, you are playing.

If you have any questions about the life coaching I do,  and/or would be interested in a FREE, 30 minute consultation please e-mail me at hwalter850@aol.com.

Thank you.

Priorities get done


I want to tell you a story. It is fictional, but one that conveys a powerful point.

A young man scheduled an important job interview for 11:00. It was about a half hour drive to where this company had their headquarters.

About 9:00, he was doing some errands and stopped by a fast food restaurant to grab a quick breakfast to go. However, it took a little longer than he had expected because of a problem with one of their machines, so that got him a bit frustrated.
Then, when he got home to get dressed for the interview, he answered a call from an old friend that he hadn’t heard from in years. He tried to get off the call, but one story led to another as they were walking down memory lane.

By the time, he was able to get off that call, he was stressed. He quickly took a shower, and got somewhat dressed up (though he was upset that he couldn’t find that certain power tie he was sure would impress the person he was meeting with).

It was about now 10:40. He knew he was running late, but thought he could drive a little faster than normal, and hopefully make all the green lights.

Well, he did drive fast and made a lot of green lights, but he still ended up arriving at 11:07.
When he let the receptionist know that he was there for his 11:00 interview, the receptionist told him that the person he was there to see was on a very tight schedule that day and when he hadn’t shown up by 11:05, he thought something might have happened to you, or that it wasn’t important enough to you “to be on time”. Ouch!

What’s the point in this fictional story—its “priories get done”!

This young man knew the job interview was important, but he got distracted by other things and didn’t keep focused on what was MOST IMPORTANT.

Who was to blame for him missing his job interview and ultimately, the job? It wasn’t the fast food place that had a broken machine. It wasn’t an old friend who called out of the blue. The young man was responsible for missing the interview. It was his fault.

So, how about you? What is it that is most important to you? Think before you answer that question.
“Priorities get done”!

Are you letting a lot of “good things” (maybe even some “bad” things) distract you from what is the “best thing” for you?

Let me encourage you today to identify those very few things that are really most important and prioritize that they get done (and that they get done well). It might mean saying “no” to some things, but that is okay.

“Priorities get done”! What are your priorities?