“Gospel Treason”—-trust me on this one


Ever since I submitted my life to the lordship of Jesus Christ back in June of 1982, I have been involved in numerous Bible studies and have been a voracious reader.

Some of the readers of my blog know me well, for some others, you are beginning to better understand my heart and mind as you read through these posts.

All that said, I’m asking you to trust me on this one and take my advice: read the book “Gospel Treason” by Brad Bigney.

To say that God has used this book in my own spiritual growth and in the lives of those in a small group I attend would be a big understatement.

It really is that good.

A huge influence on my life once said that if you are looking to grow in your walk with God….if you really want it (Him) to mean something, moving beyond just “feeling or acting religious”, then strive to know God better and honestly, strive to get to know your self better.

Reading this book will help you in both ways. Trust me—read it.

“Glory Days” by Max Lucado book review


What an enjoyable, and challenging read.

Looking at the life of Joshua in the days of the Israelite’s conquests in the Promised Land, Max Lucado not only brings a deeper understanding to the Biblical events in this time period, but also makes many insightful applications to our lives today.

During this period in the life of the nation of Israel, the Israelites under Joshua’s leadership were generally pretty successful. This book reviews their actions that helped lead to their successes, but also brings about their defeats. These are precious lessons for each of us to take to heart.

Check this book out–you will be glad you did.