Hey, can you help me move a piano?


Years before the digital revolution where lightweight, portable electronic keyboards are now common, many of us have had large, and very heavy pianos in our house.

There was no way they could be moved by one individual, so the plea was made to family and friends for help.

I thought about this “getting help from friends” request  because I’ve run into several people lately that have been going through some very difficult, heavy times and when I’ve talked further with them about their experiences, they’ve commented back to me that they are not really close to anyone.  In the midst of being emotionally overwhelmed, they are having to make sense of a very difficult situation on their own.   I feel for them.  Not surprising to me is that each of the people I’ve talked to have been men.  Quite typically, as guys, we just have this “isolate ourselves from others” mentality.  It’s really not a good thing

Guys, that kind of mindset might work in the short-term, actually for years.  However, eventually, there will come a time of crisis where the load is just too heavy to handle on our own.  I’m mentioning this now  in hopes that if you are reading this post and  have no one else in your life that you can be utterly transparent with, I want to strongly encourage you to take a step of faith and try to connect with some other person, of the same gender and have someone to walk through life with you.

Over this past year, I’ve mentioned to you often in posts that I’ve created an app that is meant to not only help you identify your own personal goals,  but also in this app, there is a very cool feature.  It’s a dashboard that allows you to text or e-mail  a friend in a snapshot kind of way how you are doing in all the areas of your responsibilities.

I have used this Dashboard so often with others and found it to be incredibly helpful.   And when I see a “red” area in a friend’s text, we deal with it.   That’s what friends do for each other, right!

If you have been doing life alone, or you understand that a close friend of yours has been doing the “isolate” thing, let me encourage you to try this app.  Do it with a friend.

For less than a Starbucks special coffee, I truly believe you will not regret the cost of using this resource to help you and a friend share in the heavy lifting of life.

To check out the app:

You can visit  either the App Store (for IPhones)     https://appsto.re/us/ejC7fb.I

Google Play Store- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FoundationsLifeCoach.Foundations&hl=en ;



This year: the Giver or the gift ?


Recently, I was sitting on the beach in Ft. Myers, Florida enjoying a beautiful sunny day.  I was admiring the vastness of the gulf in front of me, the splendor of the sandy beach, and feeling the warmth of the sun’s rays upon me.  It was really breathtaking.  My awareness of this awesome scene in front of me led me right away to giving thanks to Almighty God. His creations are truly awe-inspiring.florida-beach

What was interesting about this experience was that as I was marveling at all the sites around me, I looked at many people walking on the beach, many with their heads down.  I thought to myself, “I wonder how many people right now are really enjoying all that is around them.”  I also thought  “I wonder how many are expressing gratitude to a living and loving God who made this all?”

I also got to thinking (I think alot), “what would God be thinking of us, who so often are so unaware and unappreciative for all the good gifts He provides?”

It was a very convicting thought as I recognized how much more grateful I could be toward the Giver of all good gifts.

Shortly after all these thoughts, I got to thinking about Christmas-time and purposed in my heart that beyond any gifts that I might receive, I want to be much more focused on the giver behind those gifts.

Let me encourage you (as I need to be reminded) to not assume you deserve anything in life, let alone during these holidays.  Make the frequent effort to be grateful for all you have and the generosity of others (and God) for all that is bestowed upon you.

Enjoy the holiday season.

Oh, and if I haven’t communicated to you yet about this:  I am really grateful for the completion of a new Life Management APP (and for those who helped in its development):

I think it will be helpful for a lot of people. There is a $2.99 cost to it, but please keep in mind, there is also a cost we pay when we neglect being intentional about striving for excellence in all areas of our responsibilities. Check it out when you can. You can visit either the App Store– Foundations Life Management app for Iphone devices https://appsto.re/us/ejC7fb.i or go to the Google Play Store (for Android devices in the Health & Fitness category) to find Foundations Life Management and look for the Foundations logo

Human error and being your best—is it for you?


You may have just heard that medical errors are the third leading cause of deaths in the U.S.  I found that to be alarming, though not totally shocking as back in 2011, I had three knee surgeries in about a 6 week period of time due to infections during surgery.

But, human error is not a medical industry issue only.  Consider poor human decisions that result in overbooked flights and with lost baggage in the airline industry.

Consider human error (and prejudice) that has resulted in, who knows how many individuals, being wrongly incarcerated.

I could probably list lines and lines of examples of industries where human error has resulted in time delays, loss of productivity, loss of revenues, damaged relationships, etc.

Well, let’s take just one more example-traffic accidents.  99% of all accidents are the result of human error. Typically, someone is in a hurry to get somewhere and their car gets out of control and crashes, or the speeding car does not see another vehicle and slams in to it. The cause though is poor judgement and the result- bad, sometimes very bad consequences.

With all that said, I think about my passion for Life Coaching. Why my interest?  The bottom line is that I desire to help people work with a system so that they can manage all the areas of responsibility in their life, and so that they can live a life without regrets.  I want to help men avoid human errors in managing their life.  I have a passion for helping men grow in their personal satisfaction as they enjoy pursuing excellence in all areas of their responsibility and help them to realize their influence on others.

It’s as simple as that, but I know that the number of individuals who would be interested in having a life coach is a small, but select group.

Being involved in a life coaching relationship is not for everyone.  It can be hard at times.  You have to desire to be your best.  You have to be transparent and accountable to someone (me).  You have to work towards being disciplined.  There is a time sacrifice in talking with me on a regular basis.  There is a financial sacrifice ( I charge $49/hour–as a side note, I should probably charge around $80, but due to some people in my life that were a huge help to me and my family in my younger years and offered us car repair and house repair help for only $20/hour, I have been influenced to see this life coaching as a ministry as well.)

As Mercedes Benz mentions as their tagline, “the best or nothing”.

If you desire to be your best and are interested in finding out more about being involved with my life coaching, please just hwalter850.wordpress.com/contact-walter-hegel/ and let me know.

Be your best!



“I can’t be excellent if …”


As I frequently write about,  I believe you are going to have the greatest satisfaction in your life when you pursue excellence in every area of responsibility in your life:

(7 areas of responsibilities:  Devotion to God, Personal Health, Family, Stewardship (managing your investments and resources), Work, Volunteering, Personal Leisure) :

To help me in this desire to be my best, I use this statement to help me keep focused:

“I can’t be excellent in ____________ (name the area of responsibility),  if I ______________ (name the unwanted behavior)”

As an example of how I use this thought,  the other day I was at a large gathering of people and noticed a very attractive woman.   The natural temptation was for me to take a second look at this woman (something I would not be proud of).

However,  the above-mentioned statement came to my mind:

“I can’t be excellent as a husband (name the area of responsibility- Family),  if I take a second, lusting look at this woman  (name the unwanted behavior).

Because I completed that thought process, I was able to turn away from doing something I would have regretted.

Let me encourage you to write down this statement and be aware of its power to help you focus on doing positive behaviors where you will have no regrets.

Be successful—ahh, maybe not in such a hurry?


Do I want to be successful?  Good question. I’m glad I asked.

To be honest,  the vision of respect and appreciation by others sounds good. Getting paid more for my talents also sounds good, as well as also being able to buy the newest technology products,  that also is appealing.  Being very successful stirs up many positive images in my mind. a man before the sun

How about for you?  Do you also long to be successful?  Do you look at others in positions of leadership at work, or at church and think to yourself, “I could do that job, so much better than they could”?   Do you ever look at celebrities on tv and desire their fame? or do you look at those in Washington, or on Wall Street and desire their influence and power?

Well, just to put it out there, and to help you and I, both with this issue of “longing for success”, let me just throw out a fuller perspective on this subject for you to think about.

Consider your present circumstances:

  • how well could you keep the same level of normalcy (ie. having a pretty peaceful home environment, a good relationship with your spouse and kids, relatively good health (especially in the area of limited stress) if you were really successful?
  • if you were really successful in one area of your life, say “WORK”, how would the other areas of your life be affected like (devotion to God, personal health, family, ministry to others)? Would you be okay with that? Would your spouse and family be okay with that?
  • how well would you do at always having to carry the weight of “the buck stops with  you” ?
  • how comfortable are you with most likely, having to put in significantly more hours?
  • how comfortable are you with having your work (and often times, your family) under a microscope where people are only to quick to let you know how they feel (often without thinking of how or what they say will affect you)?
  • on and on, I think I could go listing  negatives of  “success”, but I think you get the point.

As a popular saying goes, “be careful what you wish for”.   Yeah, who doesn’t want appreciation for a job well done. Who doesn’t want some nice things? We all do.

All I am trying to say, is to keep “success” in a proper perspective.   If it comes, it comes, but be patient for it.  Take the necessary time to prepare yourself in building a solid foundation in every area of your life, so you are able to handle increasing “success”  in portions you are capable of.

I believe as you seek to live a quality kind of life, opportunities will come your way. But, remember, you can always say “no”.  Ask yourself (and your spouse, and loved ones), do those opportunities make sense for me in the bigger perspective of having a balanced life and what I am capable handling?

Don’t fear success- just be patient to achieve it.


Maybe, just maybe, this could be the year


New Year’s Day is right around the corner and you know what that means: the making of  New Year’s resolutions.  Deep down, most of  have a vision for a “better me” –  maybe, it’s giving up smoking, exercising more, reading more, working less, etc.

To accomplish our resolutions, we need to establish new habits and replace old habits.  Before these new habits can be carried out with passion, we need to have compelling motivation. Something needs to impact us at our core that stirs us up to put in the effort and make the necessary sacrifices.

Let me suggest just 2  VISION/ PERSPECTIVE ideas that can help incentivize us to amp up our game and make the needed adjustments:

1) Strive to live a life without regrets—what’s involved with this perspective is benefitting from past painful moments in your life. Think about and feel those scarring moments when you let someone down, said something you shouldn’t have, or did something  you shouldn’t have.  Those experiences can still hurt today, can’t they?  The reality is that even today, we can still have hurtful regrets.

So, why not benefit from the pain you still feel over those memories and purpose to never experience any regrets again.

2) whereas purposing to live a life lived without regrets has to do with avoiding negative behaviors and making mistakes,  a second kind of vision (perspective) idea has to do with being proactive with positive behaviors.  The idea is to envision what an Excellent life for you looks like and then pursue it.

That means being intentional in how you live your life going forward.  It means:

1) Taking the time to Evaluate your life


3) It means Making Priorities

4) It means Setting Goals

5) It means Managing the Process


Maybe, just maybe, with trying to implement one or both of these two perspectives (vision), this could be a year, you keep your resolutions!


What can help you avoid distractions?


Life just seems to be an endless barrage of “unexpected things happening” and changes. Distractions to our comfortable plans seems almost to be a given.  So, how can we get ahead of the curve?   The answer: Focus

By taking the time to evaluate your circumstances, anticipate next steps, plan, and then prepare, our focus on accomplishing the desires of our heart are more likely to then occur and we won’t get sidetracked as much by disruptions that we can just say “no” to.    Keep your blinders on to following through on your plans.

With the topic of “Focus” in mind, I wanted to pass along this excerpt from “Do Over” by Jon Acuff.  I think you will find it interesting, and after reading it, I hope you will question your degree of FOCUS in each of the areas of your responsibility.

“I asked Bernard Pollard, who played in the NFL for many years . I asked him what the unexpected secret is to having a long career in the NFL.
Without missing a beat, he replied. “The secret is that you have to outsmart yourself. You have to get your routine. You have to get your system together as a player. The things you always do. Off-season, during the season, you have to have your list. that’s why every week I know which days I’m going to be doing weight work, cardio, sauna, ice bath, etc. I take care of my body. Some guys can’t handle the mental discipline of it, especially once they’ve made some money.”

Keep focused on the job at hand.