“Gospel Treason”—-trust me on this one


Ever since I submitted my life to the lordship of Jesus Christ back in June of 1982, I have been involved in numerous Bible studies and have been a voracious reader.

Some of the readers of my blog know me well, for some others, you are beginning to better understand my heart and mind as you read through these posts.

All that said, I’m asking you to trust me on this one and take my advice: read the book “Gospel Treason” by Brad Bigney.

To say that God has used this book in my own spiritual growth and in the lives of those in a small group I attend would be a big understatement.

It really is that good.

A huge influence on my life once said that if you are looking to grow in your walk with God….if you really want it (Him) to mean something, moving beyond just “feeling or acting religious”, then strive to know God better and honestly, strive to get to know your self better.

Reading this book will help you in both ways. Trust me—read it.

Get ready to go to bed! —“Sleep Smarter” book review


My apologies, in advance, for the long set up on this, but I think its really important that you “get it” as to my focus in writing today’s post—its about “being ready”.

Think about the confidence you have when you have prepared for every possible scenario you can think of  for the upcoming meeting.  How much more likely will there be a positive outcome at that meeting?

Think about the confidence you will have to face your opponent this weekend after an in-depth week of studying film and  multiple practices designed to take advantage of your team’s strengths, and your opponent’s weaknesses.  How much more likely will there be a positive outcome for your team at this weekend’s game?

Last one, this evening, you are going to have a talk with a friend over a very troubling matter that has brought tension to your relationship for many months.  Tonight will be a time for you to hopefully work through it with this person.  How much more likely will there be a positive outcome for you if you prepare your heart and mind to what you need to say, and how you should say those things?

The common issues in all these three of these scenarios is that preparing ourselves ahead of time will increase our chances of success.  Who doesn’t want success?  We all do, but how many of us are willing to do the things we need to ahead of time (I’m talking putting in hard work, establishing good habits, and making adjustments) and then follow through with those practices to experience, over time–some kind of victory?

All these thoughts come to mind after reading the book, “Sleep Smarter” by Shawn Stevenson.  There are some books that I’ll work my way through.  The read is fairly enjoyable, enough to hold my interest, but I need to labor through.  This was not one of those books.  It ranks up there with books like “Creativity, Inc.” by Ed Catmull, Patrick Lencioni books, or “Winning” by Jack Welch.  I couldn’t wait to read this book.  I was absorbed in it.

I have heard that sleep is important, just like I understand that exercise and eating fruits and vegetables are also important.  However, this book blew me away with its thoroughness on bringing up data to support sleep’s importance.  I wasn’t aware that having a better diet affected the quality of my sleep, or putting away electronic devices can help me have a better night’s rest, that good sex can help me have a better sleep, that waking up early can help me sleep better, etc.

I also appreciated Shawn’s presentation of his content.  I never felt like I was a child being scolded and admonished about getting more sleep.  Rather, I felt like I was being coached by someone who cares for me and wants me to be successful.  Making adjustments in my life to get better sleep, I’m now convinced, will help me enjoy a better life.

Without a doubt, this is a book, I would highly recommend reading.


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“Killing Lincoln” book review


Have you ever watched a show on Netflix that was part of a series and after watching it, it became a no-brainer for you to keep on watching the next episode.  You were hooked. I think they call it “binge-watching”.

I’ve had that same experience with a book I’m reading now, “Killing Lincoln” by Bill O’Reilly (and Martin Dugard).

I find myself totally absorbed in reading it. As I move through it page by page, eventually I hear a frustrating voice inside my head saying “put it down and go to bed—you can keep reading it tomorrow”.  Ugh!

I have found the book to be educational as to better understanding the end of the Civil War times and what was happening in the lives of both Abraham Lincoln and his assassin, John Wilkes Booth, as well as suspenseful. Page by page, chapter by chapter, I read on waiting to see how it played out.  Although I know that Lincoln got killed, there were so many new details being presented along the way that turned my black and white picture of Lincoln’s assassination into a vibrant, full color story.

Trust me on this, read this book.  You will enjoy doing so.

“Hidden Figures” movie review


I enjoy watching movies. I especially enjoy watching movies at the movie theatre. I think it’s because I like stories.  There are some stories I see played out on the big screen that leave me overwhelmed with just so many images and thoughts to process.  For example, “Schindler’s List” and “The Passion of the Christ” were two movies that left me just kind of dazed, actually speechless.

“Hidden Figures” was not quite to that level of intensity, but nonetheless, I did feel a bit overwhelmed (in a good way) because there was so many things to process in my mind about the events in the movie, which were based on a true story.

The perseverance of the three women was so inspiring.

The injustice and racial prejudice of the early 60’s (and still today) was so disturbing.

The vision and intelligence of very gifted individuals to think and execute putting a man in orbit (and getting him home safely) is well, over the top to me in wondering “who thinks like that? Let alone can make it happen”

“Hidden Figures” is a definite “must watch” movie.  Check it out!

By doing this it brought incredible success


Recently, I was in a conversation with a young man who mentioned to me some things he wanted to accomplish in his life.  As an fyi, we’ve been meeting together every couple of weeks in a mentoring kind of relationship.

As I reflected later about our conversation, I got to thinking that I hear much of the same thing at each of our meetings.  I hear “I wanna do this, or that”, but each time we get together minimal progress is made and many “I wanna do this or that’s” are said.

I believe the issue for my friend is his intentionality about setting up a plan and making the necessary adjustments in his lifestyle to accomplish his goals.

With this current situation in my mind, I came upon this brief excerpt from Keith Ferrazzi’s excellent book, “never eat alone” and thought it so  interesting:

“In SUCCESS magazine, there was a study where researchers asked Yale’s class of 1953, a number of questions.
-three had to with goals:
Have you set goals?
Have you written them down?
Do you have a plan to accomplish them?

-it turned out that only 3% of the Yale class had written down their goals with a plan of actions to achieve them. 13% had goals, but had not written them down. Fully 84% had no specific goals at all, other than to “enjoy themselves”.
In 1973, when the same class was resurveyed, the differences between the goal setters and everyone else were stunning. The 13% who had goals that were not in writing were earning, on average, twice as much as the 84% of students who had no goals at all. But most surprising of all, the 3% who had written their goals down were earning on average, ten times as much as the other 97% of graduates combined!”

So, what is important to you?

Have you identified you long-term goals?

Can you think of some small steps you can take to accomplish these goals?

Have you written these goals down?

Have you shared your goals with a friend to receive from them encouragement, accountability, prayer, and support?


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Are you “just a volunteer”?


When it comes to helping others, have you ever said, or heard someone else say, “I’m just a volunteer”?

Well, if so, I want to share a brief quote from Bill Hybel’s excellent book, “The Volunteer Revolution”:

“The term, “just a volunteer” should have no place in our vocabulary. … without  the work hours of volunteers, countless  wounds will not be tended, mouths will not be fed, grieving people  will not be comforted, broken marriages will not be mended, lonely people will not be embraced, children will not be nurtured.

Whether God  has blessed you with forty  hours a week of discretionary time, or whether you  can barely  snatch forty minutes a month from your overloaded schedule, you have the potential  to make a difference in your corner of the world.

What do you have to offer? More than you probably think.   You have the gifts and talents you were born  with . The passions that inspire you. The blessings of education.  The skills you’ve honed as you’ve worked  at home or in the marketplace.  The life experiences  that have matured you.

And someday, in the midst of giving yourself in the spirit and act of volunteerism, that seed will blossom  into the amazing  realization  that this is what you were made for!”


Isn’t that excellent!  You can make a difference in someone’s life by helping out. Don’t ever minimize the impact you can have in making a difference.

If you have been on the sidelines for too long, what keeps you from investing in the lives of others?   You might want to reconsider that.  Your life matters!  You have great potential to make a difference!



As you consider this important area of responsibility: Volunteering  (where does that fit on your personal Dashboard?)

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a husband’s misguided initiative


Sometimes, its good just to laugh.  This is a brief excerpt from Dave Harvey’s excellent book, “When Sinners Say I Do”.

“You may know the story. A man asked his wife what she’d like  for her birthday.  She replied  wistfully, ” I would really love to be ten again”.  On the morning  of her birthday , he woke her up early  with a bowl of her favorite cereal   from when she was a kid. He then whisked her away   to a popular theme   park for an indescribable   day. Cotton candy,   hot dogs,  roller coaster,  the Death Slide–everything there was.    She staggered   from the theme park,  head pounding  and stomach nauseous.  Straight away , he drove her to McDonald’s  for a Happy Meal with extra fries and a refreshing   chocolate shake.    Next it was off  to the cinema  to see the latest  blockbuster movie, and of course,  M&M’s, popcorn, the works.     At the end of the day, his wife wobbled home  and collapsed  exhausted  onto the bed. As he  stood in the doorway with a big dopey  grin, he said,  “Well, darling, what was it like to be ten again?  The only words mumbled  by his wife?
“I meant  my dress size.”
– ladies  , trust me, if you haven’t  had a similar  experience of misguided initiative  from your husband, you may be likely to have one in the future.  I like the story  because it shows  a man  doing something, creative  to woo his wife….”