Fathers, what are your intentions…


As a father, I am called to build relationship with my children. However, as a father this does not necessarily come easy to me.

I have found through the Foundation-father and son studies an opportunity to build relationship with my son and talk about things going on in the world, their lives, and about the relevance of the Bible in our lives.

The 15-20 minute studies are engaging, lead to easy conversations and fun. It is easy to use and does not take more than 5 minutes in preparation time.

For $9.99, you get the studies e-mailed to you on an automated weekly basis.

This Father’s Day,consider being intentional about investing in your relationship with your son using the Foundation studies.

Subscribe now-–I am confident you will never regret this opportunity you have with your son.

a note of encouragement


Thanks for the e-mail,  Walter.  I went to the website and reviewed the materials and they are excellent.   I want to know  what happens with all that you are doing and the dedication you have.  Blessings to you.

Steve A.

Seeing my mundane work as God ordained


Hi Walter.

I read your note first thing Monday morning at my desk at work and had to take a second to reflect.  It can be difficult to see mundane work as God-ordained but I think we have to if we believe in a personal and caring  God.  Your study might have more relevance for me today than my sons.

Thanks for all your time and energy putting these studies together.  God is  truly blessing your endeavor  and us with your wisdom.   Answer to your inquiry;  I am part owner in a structural engineering company.



Lessons of great value


I   am finding these lessons to be of great value. I am the biological father of a 12 year old boy and step father to a ten year old boy.

We have two girls of the same ages as well. I am teaching the older boy how to be a father and a husband in preparation for his future and he eagerly responds.

The younger one will come around in a little time and after he sees that the older one is growing in the Lord.

Thank you for making this tool available to men.

In the Matchless Name of Jesus Christ.


26 Week “father and son” studies


Having a good relationship with your son—can it get any better than that?  Yet to achieve that goal takes effort.

The Foundations Father and Son Bible studies are meant to help you, as a dad, connect with your son in a weekly format that provides you a time to have fun, learn about each other, in a context of studying a Biblical principle.

This is not a “sit down, son, and I’m going to teach you” kind of study. This is an interactive format that seeks to build relationship, AND at the same time build a foundation of Scriptural understanding.

To either subscribe or check out a sample study, please visit http://unbouncepages.com/foundations/