going through challenges–get in a small group and lead by your mind, not your…


Currently, I am involved as a leader in a soul care/Hope Group kind of volunteering effort at my church.  I understand groups like this are popping up all over.  Maybe you are involved, even right now in one.

The idea is to come together for a period of time with a small group of people, say weekly for 1-4 months and learn together principles to help shed light on gaining a healthy perspective dealing with conflict and root issues of our problems.  These groups  offer encouragement, support, and accountability to the weekly attendees.  Personally, I have benefitted so much personally, just my involvement in this ministry over the past few years.

For those currently in groups like this, or even to those who are going through a time of difficulty let me encourage you to keep just a few things in mind:

  • realistically, your area of hardship will not go away overnight–adjust your expectations on when things will get better
  • wishing your situation will get better on its own without any changes by you will just not happen
  • Try to get an understanding on how your behavior needs to change (avoid the mindset of “well, they need to change also…”)–do what you need to do to improve
  • it’s all about making consistently the right choices–learn what are the right choices to make and why and then strive to make adjustments in your life to do them>>>>>>make the right choices because you know mentally it is the best thing to do, even though you might not feel like it…Lead by your mind, not your emotions
  • as hard as it might be if you are going through a tough time and want to see the day when everything is all better—-turn away your thoughts from the future and FOCUS on today.  What “details” of your attitudes, actions, and motives do you need to get consistently better at?   If you persevere in a continuous improvement mindset, the results you long to see happen have a greater chance of coming true.



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