Glimpses of Hope began to Displace the Depression


Who doesn’t want to live a life of “no regrets”?

Who doesn’t want to get better in all the areas of their responsibilities?

My passion is to help people be their best.  I’ve created an app (the Foundations Life Management app) that helps a person create goals and monitor their progress.

In addition, by using the Dashboard option, a person can easily text their results to a friend who can offer  encouragement, accountability, prayer, and support.


Here are two Dashboard screens that a friend of mine, who I meet with, sent to me to show me his progress:

This is how my friend initially evaluated how he was doing in all his areas of responsibilities: (notice the concerning “red” areas that were causing him much turmoil and depressing thoughts):


Using the app as a resource to help me encourage my friend as we met, this is how he evaluated his progress in our most recent time together: (notice the movement from the red (concerning issues) to the yellow (okay, but in maintenance mode):   As a side note, his enthusiasm in seeing his progress was tangible.


Coaching (mentoring)  is about relationship and helping another person make progress.

If you haven’t already, let me encourage you to check out this app, and try it with a friend to see progress occur in both your lives.

If you have downloaded the app and are using it, I would so appreciate you telling a friend (s) about it.

You can visit either the App Store (for IPhones) Foundations Life Management app for IPhone devices

or go to the Google Play Store-

If you have any questions about the app, please just let me know.




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