Are we to be like snowflakes?



During these changing times, more and more business books I read talk about the need for each of us to begin thinking of our self as our own brand.  We are encouraged in these books to identify our strengths, build our own networks, and begin thinking that we are the CEO of ME, Inc.

However, as a Christian, I wrestle with being comfortable trying to promote myself.  Is that what you and I should be doing in the culture we live in today—making our self look better.   Then the next question pops into my head, should I throw out completely this “me-first”, build me up kind of mindset?  Is it all a bad thing?

Personally, I don’t think so.  I think we need to apply the lesson of a snowflake to gain a broader perspective.  Let me explain:  snowflakes-b

  • for one, I think of something John the Baptist said, when both he and Jesus were getting a lot of attention.  People were coming to John asking  how he felt about this “sharing the lime light” kind of scenario that was playing out around Jerusalem.  John hit it on the head when he said that “Jesus must increase and I must decrease”.
  • as followers of Jesus Christ, our deepest motivation should be that of wanting to make His name great, not ours.  In fact, the Holy Spirit inside of us is working within us to make us more like Jesus, basically displacing our life with His.
  • I can’t think of any thing more satisfying and meaningful than if someone were to say to me that they see Jesus in me, rather than saying nice things about me, as though I were something special
  • So, on one hand, I believe we are all to depend on the Holy Spirit and be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, but….
  • does that mean we should strive to lose our uniqueness and all be the same?  Am I supposed to be like you? Do our differences matter and should they?   DEFINITELY, THEY SHOULD!
  • 1 Corinthians 12 (one of the books in the New Testament) says that all followers of Jesus Christ are like the different parts of the body- the Body of Christ. .  This chapter goes on to describe some of us as the foot, some the hand, some the eye, etc.    Can someone say because they are not an eye, they are not a part of the body—NO!
  • Each of us is unique–that’s a good thing.  We all need to appreciate and respect the diversity of the body.
  • Let me illustrate it in another way  —think of “snow”.   When a storm is approaching, it is not unusual to hear the weatherman say something like, “we can expect 2-3 inches of snowfall today”.   The weatherman talks about the collective influence of a snowfall.
  • However, although that perspective of ONE SNOWFALL is correct.  On the other hand, that snowfall could also be described as a group effort by billions and billions of unique snowflakes.

So, what’s my point in this blog?  Its to never lose sight of the dual view that I believe all Christ followers need (think of a hologram where there are really two images in the picture, but you will see only one at a time depending on how  you are holding or looking at the image).

On one hand, never lose sight of the truth that you are unique.  Celebrate and be grateful that you are created like no one else. You are you. Learn from others, but with the motivation to be a better you.  It’s okay to be different.

On the other hand, if you are a Christian,  celebrate that you are part of a team, the Body of Christ.  We are all being changed to become more like Him.  Separating our self from this body is not a good thing, just like it is not a good thing for an arm or leg to be severed from the body.   Get involved with the team. Concern yourself with the things that concern the group.  Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. Contribute to the team and receive from it.




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