Is your attitude limiting your success?


Yesterday, I wrote about the need to prepare to better your chances for success.

Preparation involves studying your materialsgetting all your resources together,  praying, and expecting the unexpected..

In addition to all these things, there is one additional key element that is needed to prepare thoroughly —watching your attitude.

It’s not enough to do all the correct things because if your attitude in which you do things stinks, you’ve just derailed your opportunity for success.

I appreciate the quote from Peyton Manning that reinforces this:   “the attitude with which we approach the situation can determine our success or failure”

So, after you’ve anticipated a certain activity, and have done all your preparatory work, take a step back and make sure that your attitude will complement well (and not derail) all the work you have put in to give it your best effort.


A good attitude should complement well the activity you have prepared for,  like a great picture frame enhances the beauty of a painting, not distracts from it.

How’s your attitude these days?


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