Are you “just a volunteer”?


When it comes to helping others, have you ever said, or heard someone else say, “I’m just a volunteer”?

Well, if so, I want to share a brief quote from Bill Hybel’s excellent book, “The Volunteer Revolution”:

“The term, “just a volunteer” should have no place in our vocabulary. … without  the work hours of volunteers, countless  wounds will not be tended, mouths will not be fed, grieving people  will not be comforted, broken marriages will not be mended, lonely people will not be embraced, children will not be nurtured.

Whether God  has blessed you with forty  hours a week of discretionary time, or whether you  can barely  snatch forty minutes a month from your overloaded schedule, you have the potential  to make a difference in your corner of the world.

What do you have to offer? More than you probably think.   You have the gifts and talents you were born  with . The passions that inspire you. The blessings of education.  The skills you’ve honed as you’ve worked  at home or in the marketplace.  The life experiences  that have matured you.

And someday, in the midst of giving yourself in the spirit and act of volunteerism, that seed will blossom  into the amazing  realization  that this is what you were made for!”


Isn’t that excellent!  You can make a difference in someone’s life by helping out. Don’t ever minimize the impact you can have in making a difference.

If you have been on the sidelines for too long, what keeps you from investing in the lives of others?   You might want to reconsider that.  Your life matters!  You have great potential to make a difference!



As you consider this important area of responsibility: Volunteering  (where does that fit on your personal Dashboard?)

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