When’s the last time you …?


If you are like me, it’s easy to have blinders on.  It’s easy for me to focus on my responsibilities at work, at home, at church, etc. and not really pay attention to those around me. But, one thing that I need frequent reminding on is to notice those many, many people who have an influence on what I do.

There are people who have contributed in a mentoring kind of role that have helped me  get to where I am at today.  There are many people today, who assist me at my work, so that really I would not be able to do what I do if it were not for them doing what they do.  My wife has been with me, faithfully for over 30 years of marriage. Without her loyalty, truth-telling, prayers, etc., our family would not be as close as it is today.

These people who I’ve just mentioned are just those who are just top of mind to me.  But then, there are so many others. If it weren’t for the police, our government officials, postal carriers, garbage collectors, etc., our country would not operate as it does. With all of our country’s challenges, there is much to be grateful.

So, with all that mind, this quote from William James has particular meaning for me, ” The deepest principle in human nature  is the craving to be appreciated.”

Here’s where this is going:

I have the opportunity (and so do you) to approach others who often do, what they do and are never thanked for it.  I can be different (and so can you) by just saying “thank you” to them.  As you do, I believe you will blow them away because all the gesture of gratitude is so impactful, it is so rarely done.

Take a chance today on making someone’s day–tell someone you appreciate them and all they do.


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