This mini-movie was riveting



It was one of those dreams I was having that I wished would not have ended. It was such an engaging story line.
I was a soccer coach coming into a new community coaching young kids. For some reason, we were having practice in a building, something like a big, open library.  I called all the kids to come to a bigger room where we could start doing some drills with a soccer ball. However, the kids came in a very sluggish way, if at all.
I said that was unacceptable and told them to do 4 laps.  We needed to get focused on what we were doing and get more serious about it.
The other thought that I had right then, as I saw another soccer team also practicing in the library, was how much time we were wasting on getting our attitude right, instead of actually developing skills with the ball and working as a team.
Well, from that moment on, every time I tried to get them to do another exercise, I couldn’t find them.  I had to go throughout the library and try to locate them.  At one point, I found the players in a room with their old coaches.  The coaches told me the kids were having troubles dealing with my emphasis on hard work and discipline.
Sadly to say, that’s when I woke up. Ugh!  I was enjoying watching this “movie dream” play out in my head.
As I was beginning to wake up, I couldn’t help but ponder this mini-movie and think about lessons I could learn from it for both, me personally, and for organizations:
– I found it interesting that the kids were having problems with a willingness to put in hard work
– I found it interesting to think about the loss of time dealing with attitude issues that could have been better spent learning skills that would have led the team to a greater chance of success
– I found it interesting to think that in these competitive times we live in, there are “teams” that are firing on all cylinders (they are now practicing) and if we are not careful watching our attitude, we will fall further and further behind in our skill development
– I found it interesting that the team was “hiding in rooms with their old coaches” and thought about how common it is to want to resist change and new ways of doing things
– i found it interesting to think about the lack of progress and success the team was having because of the lack of buy-in from the team to follow the coach (me).
Anyway, I found this an interesting way to start my day, today and has given me an opportunity to think of the many applications for my own life.

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