How good-looking are you?


I want you to be successful. I want you to experience a deep satisfaction in your life.  That is what my blog is all about.  It’s about encouraging you to strive for excellence in all the areas of your responsibilities.


One of the areas of responsibility I want to address today is Personal Health.   When I’m thinking of Personal Health I’m thinking pretty broadly.  I’m thinking of the following categories:





Emotional Health



All of these areas, in some large or small way influence our health and deserve our attention.  One other area that I’m going to now add to this list is our Appearance.


Our Appearance is an indicator of how we are feeling about ourselves. For example, when we feel sick, we don’t really care what we look like, right?   However, when we are feeling good health-wise and about ourselves, we take the extra time to make sure our clothes match and fit right. We wash our face. We comb our hair. We put on cologne/perfume. We present our self well. We have energy and confidence (all good things that contribute to our success).


As an illustration to further my point, think of a famous chef. When he prepares a meal, he is very careful mixing in all the correct ingredients to make his signature meal. But the chef doesn’t stop there. The chef is also careful to present his special dish in an attractive way. The chef knows that appearance matters.


A high-quality standard of our Appearance matters and can impact our success. Sure, there are those exceptions, where a person is so fantastic in what they do that they can break with cultural norms and appear however they want. These people are aware that others are willing to overlook their unconventional appearance because they need what they can offer.


But this situation is not normal. For the majority of us, how we come across to others, matters.


For example, picture yourself about to go on a job interview and you are wearing wrinkled and dirty clothes.  In addition, your hair is a mess and you have not brushed your teeth (leading to bad breath) in many days. If you were the interviewer and a person came in like this, what would be your first impression of this person?  Would they instill confidence to you?  I don’t think so. I’m sure you would think to yourself that there are others that you should consider for the job before this person.


So, a question for you today, “What does your appearance convey to others?”


Why not remove all distractions for others as you appear before them, so that you can present your many strengths?  I believe by taking time to appear before others in a fine-mannered way (Not over the top, so that this extreme also becomes a distraction), you will open doors for opportunity and success.


As a further help to accepting responsibility for all the areas of your responsibilities (and building close relationships as you do), check out this new App I’ve created:

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