Now is the time to let go and …


“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”  Lao Tzu

A boat docked on shore will not run out of fuel.  Accept for a bit of maintenance cleaning, a boat docked on shore will not will not need repairs.  But, a boat docked on shore was not what it was designed for.  It was meant to be out in the deeper waters.

What are you designed for?  I don’t have the answer for you.  Each of us is different.  I know we are all created differently with different strengths.  I know we all come from different backgrounds and have different life experiences.

As I get closer to my 56th birthday, I have seen many people basically stuck in the comfortableness of the routine of their life.  Day in and day out, week in and week out year in and year out, nothing much seems to change in their life.

I recognize very clearly that it is their life to live and who am I to judge them and the choices they make. However, in saying that, I recognize that I am an encourager.  I believe there are many people who just need a push and support from others to step out and try something that deep down they have always wanted to do.  To those folks out there, let me encourage you, don’t wait any more at the dock.  Loosen those ropes that are keeping you fastened to the habits of life.

Let me make one other point.  I love routine.  I like habits. I think they bring an orderliness to life.  What I am suggesting to in this post is not to strive to live constantly in change, among the rapids of life (we all need times to dock), but rather what I’m hoping to do with this post is to encourage those individuals  (and I have been one of those) who have one or two things just nagging at them to try, but they are holding back. Whether it’s a lack of support around them, or fear, or whatever else, its to those of us who are in that mindset that I want to encourage,  go for it.  Now is the time!

Maybe its time for you to let go of who you currently and step up to strive for who you desire to be and experience



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