I think its worth you asking yourself this question, ” who will …?”


Did you ever read a book that stops you in your tracks so that you either have to re-read it, or just put the book down and think over what you read.  Well, I just did.   Beware–I think it might just stop you as well and give you something to think about.  The excerpt is from a very insightful, and excellent book, “Addictions—a banquet in the grave”  by Edward T. Welch.

“The Bible asks the question, Who will be king?  The one true God or worthless idols?  Curiously,  the answer wasn’t very straightforward for the Israelites (just like it isn’t straightforward for any of us).  They started moving  toward idols very gradually  by rubbing shoulders   with foreigners.    They found they weren’t  so bad so they moved closer.    They they began to see that their gods made some promises that were very appealing; rain and fertility in particular. Maybe, they thought, they could worship both God and idols, and in so doing  get what they wanted. But the promises  by the other gods were false promises. Gradually, these foreign gods demanded and received worship , and the children of Israel started walking in the dark.  Let me put it this way. The story of the Bible  is entitled, “Whom Will You Worship?” The story of our lives  has the same title. And ultimately, the idols  we worship  are shaped by our  own desires.”


Friends, let me encourage you to really wrestle with this question, and pray about it as well.  Keep in mind that in this spiritual war that we are in, only God, the holy, sovereign, living and loving God deserves our best. (remember, “love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind”?  Yet, due to our sinful nature, we can all so easily allow people, or things, or ambitions take first place in our hearts and minds, so that our worship of God as numero uno, gets pushed aside to a second, third, or lower priority.    He will not tolerate it and your life will not be satisfied by these false substitutes.

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