a husband’s misguided initiative


Sometimes, its good just to laugh.  This is a brief excerpt from Dave Harvey’s excellent book, “When Sinners Say I Do”.

“You may know the story. A man asked his wife what she’d like  for her birthday.  She replied  wistfully, ” I would really love to be ten again”.  On the morning  of her birthday , he woke her up early  with a bowl of her favorite cereal   from when she was a kid. He then whisked her away   to a popular theme   park for an indescribable   day. Cotton candy,   hot dogs,  roller coaster,  the Death Slide–everything there was.    She staggered   from the theme park,  head pounding  and stomach nauseous.  Straight away , he drove her to McDonald’s  for a Happy Meal with extra fries and a refreshing   chocolate shake.    Next it was off  to the cinema  to see the latest  blockbuster movie, and of course,  M&M’s, popcorn, the works.     At the end of the day, his wife wobbled home  and collapsed  exhausted  onto the bed. As he  stood in the doorway with a big dopey  grin, he said,  “Well, darling, what was it like to be ten again?  The only words mumbled  by his wife?
“I meant  my dress size.”
– ladies  , trust me, if you haven’t  had a similar  experience of misguided initiative  from your husband, you may be likely to have one in the future.  I like the story  because it shows  a man  doing something, creative  to woo his wife….”



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