Leaders—what/who is growing under you?


“”Nothing grows  under a banyan tree.”  It provides  shade and is comfortable, but it allows  no sun in for growth.”.  Many leaders  are banyan trees;  they protect  their people, but nothing grows under them.”  (this brief excerpt is from Liz Wiseman’s excellent, thought-provoking book, “Multipliers”)  banyan-tree

Leaders, you know who you are.  You are a manager, a coach, a boss, a parent, a pastor, or a committee/board member.   The organization looks to you to bring progress and stability.  Individuals, as well are influenced by how you fulfill your role.

Leaders, you have the responsibility and opportunity to lead your people –how are you doing in that?

As Liz highlights in her book, you have the privilege of discerning the unique talents of those who look to you for your leadership and building in to them.

Are you recognizing the talents your people have and looking for ways to help them utilize their gifting and develop those strengths?

As you stretch your followers to be all they can be:

  • you will help them be more enjoy their role in your organization as they are utilizing their talents
  • you will help them personally benefit as they grow their unique skill set
  • your organization will benefit from having a more satisfied member and one who is bringing their strengths to help your cause

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