“AfterLife” book review – Hank Hanegraaff

Have you ever gotten so caught up in driving with a friend that at some point, someone asks, “where are we?”
That’s how I’ve felt lately, but not in my driving anywhere, but in life. I don’t know about you, but some times, I feel like I wake up and get on one of those moving walk-ways (like you see at an airport)  where I journey through my commute to work, hustle and bustle at work, commute back home, eat dinner and then either am involved in some kind of volunteer effort, or catch up on some personal business and watch tv  (and throughout the day, keeping up to date on all the e-mails, phone updates, and texts that come on my phone).
So, its been something different (and needed)  for me lately, to read the book, “AfterLife” by Hank Hanegraaff.   It was very thought-provoking and educational,  reading his explanations of what the Bible says about living in this life now, what the next life will be life (right after a person dies),  AND what the life after the life after this life will be like (do you feel like you need to re-read that?.  Yep, he talks about 3 different stages of life.)   when it all comes to a conclusion with Jesus Christ returning to earth.
Does this intrigue you at all?  It did for me, which is why I so quickly read through this book and took notes on it.
Let’s face it –life is uncertain.
In the midst of the crazy times we live in when anything can happen (and usually does), don’t you think it might be in your own best interest to get off the moving walk-way of life and consider what happens when this current walk-way stops (and prepare yourself for it)?
Check this book out!

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