Celebrating the baby who was on mission


Merry Christmas.

Beyond all the gifts, the holiday shopping, time spent with family and friends, etc., the celebration of Christmas has to do with the historical account of a most awesome time in human history–the birth of mankind’s savior–Jesus Christ.

He came into this world as a baby and on mission to live a perfect life, only to lay it down approximately 33 years later as a holy sacrifice, a payment to satisfy the righteous demands due for your sins and mine.   Jesus’ resurrection, three days after his crucifixion would confirm His sacrifice was accepted by God, the Father and as such, the way of true peace and forgiveness are now available for all who will accept this baby Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

In recognition of how eternally grateful I am for what He has done, and is still doing in my life, I share with you a poem I wrote many years ago in His honor:


Everywhere I travel,

everywhere I go,

always a constant reminder,

of a man, I’d like to know.

Spiritual in heart,

spiritual in mind,

He cares for truth and beauty,

He gives sight unto the blind.

This Man is Jesus Christ,

a man of total love,

He’s at the right hand of the Father,

as they watch us from above.

The purity of faith,

and the security that I feel,

it’s more than just an illusion,

I know it to be real.

Jesus is on my side,

He helps me to see the light,

living a life of goodness,

living a life that’s right.

Paving a way of contentment,

traveling the road to Love,

This Man is by far my best friend,

as He guides me from above.

I’m amazed at all His power,

and His purity in His heart,

I’m just an apprentice of Faith,

and a follower of His heart.


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