Do you believe in the American Dream? Then…

Do you believe in the American Dream?  You know,  that mindset that, here in America, all things are possible if you work hard enough.
If you are at a point in life when you are wondering what are the possibilities for your life, I have a book to recommend to you.  It’s called “American Dream – interviews with Industry-Leading Professionals” by Jason Navallo.
In this inspiring book, Jason interviews, Peter Mallouk, Ben Caballero, B.J. Armstrong, Shelly Sun, Scott Gerber, and Liz Elting.    My guess is that some, if not all of these names, are not familiar to you. However, after reading this book, I think many of these people, their stories, and insights will stay with you for some time.
During this cold, winter season, let me encourage you to cozy up with this book and a warm drink and be inspired. I believe as you do, you will increase your vision and motivation to be all you can be.

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