How tough are you ?


I recently came across this quote from B.J.Armstrong  (former NBA player on the Chicago Bulls) :  “tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”

What a great line.  I like it for a couple of reasons.

I like it because it gives me perspective.  Maybe there is tension with a relationship, or a loss of employment, or you’re facing a slow time at work, or are suffering with a health issue, or find yourself lonely due to not having a mate,  the point is, these tough times, more than likely will not last.   Just hang in there.  In fact, you could look at this “tough time” as an opportunity to grow and to reveal your true character and how you are going to face this time.

The other encouragement I get from this quote is to just suck it up and be tough. We all will go through tough times.  I am not unique to having struggles.  So, rather than complaining  about my troubles, I’m learning to be quiet, think solution, and persevere through it. I’m learning to have thicker skin.

Oh, and there is another lesson I’m learning about this “tough” mindset.  There is a world of difference between tough people who are just stubborn and have an “I can do it myself” attitude and tough people who recognize their limitations and are willing to ask for help. Whether that be from other people or from God, those individuals who can own up to the reality of their being in a difficult spot, have a positive attitude about moving forward, who are willing to keep steadfast and not give up, and are willing, if need be, to ask for help will be the people who will find victory and success?

“Champions are not made in the ring, they are merely recognized there”  (anonymous)


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