This year: the Giver or the gift ?


Recently, I was sitting on the beach in Ft. Myers, Florida enjoying a beautiful sunny day.  I was admiring the vastness of the gulf in front of me, the splendor of the sandy beach, and feeling the warmth of the sun’s rays upon me.  It was really breathtaking.  My awareness of this awesome scene in front of me led me right away to giving thanks to Almighty God. His creations are truly awe-inspiring.florida-beach

What was interesting about this experience was that as I was marveling at all the sites around me, I looked at many people walking on the beach, many with their heads down.  I thought to myself, “I wonder how many people right now are really enjoying all that is around them.”  I also thought  “I wonder how many are expressing gratitude to a living and loving God who made this all?”

I also got to thinking (I think alot), “what would God be thinking of us, who so often are so unaware and unappreciative for all the good gifts He provides?”

It was a very convicting thought as I recognized how much more grateful I could be toward the Giver of all good gifts.

Shortly after all these thoughts, I got to thinking about Christmas-time and purposed in my heart that beyond any gifts that I might receive, I want to be much more focused on the giver behind those gifts.

Let me encourage you (as I need to be reminded) to not assume you deserve anything in life, let alone during these holidays.  Make the frequent effort to be grateful for all you have and the generosity of others (and God) for all that is bestowed upon you.

Enjoy the holiday season.

Oh, and if I haven’t communicated to you yet about this:  I am really grateful for the completion of a new Life Management APP (and for those who helped in its development):

I think it will be helpful for a lot of people. There is a $2.99 cost to it, but please keep in mind, there is also a cost we pay when we neglect being intentional about striving for excellence in all areas of our responsibilities. Check it out when you can. You can visit either the App Store– Foundations Life Management app for Iphone devices or go to the Google Play Store (for Android devices in the Health & Fitness category) to find Foundations Life Management and look for the Foundations logo


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