I want you to be a “W.I.N. ner ” — do you want to know how?


Acronyms are helpful.  In an abbreviated way, they remind us of a bigger concept.  For example, if someone says to you that they want this project turned in “A.S.A.P. ” you know that they want you to make this a priority.  They want it done as soon as possible.

If someone sends you a text that has “LOL”  they are really conveying “laugh out loud”.

Well, I just came across in the excellent book by Greg McKeown called “essentialism” another acronym  that has such a powerful life-changing insight to it.  “W.I.N.”  This is an acronym   that was used by Larry Gelwix at Highland High School. He was a person who knew what winning was about.  He coached his rugby team to 418 wins (only 10 losses and 20 national championships.  Yeah, I would say this man knew what winning was all about.

However, when it came time to drilling into his players the need to “W.I.N.”, it wasn’t so much about what was showing up on the scoreboard as much as the need to always be asking and executing on “What’s Important Now?”  Isn’t that brilliant?

Think about how life-transforming it would be if you lived in the moment.  That means not dwelling on the past and all that has taken place with you, and to you, and by you.  It means not getting stressed out about the “what-if”s that could happen tomorrow.  It means being 100% in the moment.

I love that.  That means when I’m talking with a friend, I need to be listening to what they are saying, to what they are not saying, watching how they say it.  I need to concentrate on them, not letting my mind race to some event that I’m planning on going to later in the day, or looking at the new text on my phone, or even thinking ahead about what I want to say to them. I need to be in moment, listening to them.

When I’m involved at work-same thing. I need to be concentrating on my responsibilities, striving to do my job with excellence.  That means, I should be doing my work, but thinking about how unfair it is that I have to do this job right now because my boss asked me to do it, or thinking about asking my boss to take time off, or thinking about how I’m going to get my son to soccer practice tonight after work.  It means being in the moment, 100% there.

I love that.

Let me encourage you to strive to live a life where you constantly “W.I.N.?”   Live in the moment.  (just a sidenote:  “living in the moment”, is far different from “living for the moment”, but I’ll save that for another post)


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