2016 top ten posts – #2 – “You are an IDIOT! …. you voted for … “


#2 posts of 2016 top-ten

“YOU ARE AN IDIOT!   How could you have voted for …?  Did you know that they said __________ and did ________?”

Most likely, the person that was just dissed is not going to take that kind of lack of respect for their opinions ! They will come back with a pretty testy response back.  Back and forth, the heated exchange will go.
Then, somewhere in the conversation, the thought will come to you that since you are a Christian and they are not, you should talk to them about Jesus.  Seriously now, how receptive do you think they are going to be to what you have to say?  You just called them an IDIOT!  Where is your love?
Christian brothers and sisters, I have seen recent social media posts that people have called others “idiots” for wanting to vote for ______.  However, judging by the passion in their posts, I question if they are as concerned right now for the other person’s eternal salvation.   Ultimately, what is really of importance, here?
PERSPECTIVE,  Christian brothers and sisters, we all need to have PERSPECTIVE.  As a side note, if you are really open to hearing this,  it might be a good time to reflect on your own passions—are they really where they should be—just asking!
There is no problem preferring and voting for a certain candidate or party. We live in a democracy and we all have the right and privilege to vote how we want.  However, friends, please keep in mind the very important need to be a respectful of all people–ALL the time.
Regarding the unfolding of earthly events, trust in the Sovereign plan of Almighty God all the while doing your part in being a good citizen now, AND understanding that there is such a bigger election in front of each of us all the time, an eternal one. Will we each choose to be reconciled to a God who loves you by believing that Jesus Christ died for us, even though we are unworthy sinners?
That’s a choice, I’m willing to lovingly work to get out that vote.  How about you?

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