“Tell the truth and keep out of debt”, but what happens when…


I find it so easy to envision how my future is going to play out.  Whether its with my kids, or plans my wife and I have, or about our finances.  But, you know what, rarely do things ever turn out the way I plan.

Its one thing to have expectations and its altogether another thing for those expectations not to happen.  In fact, when our hopes are dashed, life can get extremely hard.

And when other people disappoint us or are the ones who shatter our dreams, it is all too easy to inject the poison of bitterness and unforgiveness into our heart.

Over the years, there have been just a few messages that I have heard that have struck me as so powerful and applicable that I have passed them on to you in this blog.  This is one of those messages.  This is a talk from Sheila Walsh at James River Church in Springfield, Missouri (a God-honoring, exciting church) on October 16th, 2016.


It is primarily a message of hope that comes through the difficult stages of pain and forgiveness.

If I can ask you to trust me on this one, please listen to this message.  It will take an initial  40 minutes of your time that could result in a life-changing trajectory for you.




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