“Well, was it worth it?” (guys, you never want to hear those words)


“So I was flipping : basketball, click,  golf, click,  fishing show,  click,  infomercial, click, girls dancing in bikinis on a beach—hold on a second. And I hesitated. After lingering on that channel  for several seconds, with my mind wandering a bit (not to mention my eyes)…… a few minutes later, Amy came  out of the bathroom. She walked over to me where I was sitting on the bed and sat down facing me. She didn’t say anything at first. ….Finally, Amy broke the silence, “why did you  hesitate  on that one channel?”  I could hear the hurt in her voice. …I couldn’t maintain eye contact with her.

She reached  out and put  her hand  under my chin, gently raising  my head until our eyes met again. I could see  that her eyes were wet, swollen  with tears that hadn’t fallen yet…. Then,  she asked  me a question I’ll never  forget for as  long as I live. She asked  quietly, “well, ..was it worth it?”


This is just one section of Craig Groeschel’s very enjoyable (insightful, and challenging) book, called “From this day forward”.    Written with the help of his wife, Amy,  they provide practical, instructional help for helping marriages not only survive, but thrive.


Considering how important a good marriage is, this book is well-worth reading.




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