Learning so much from a dad teaching his daughter to ride a bike…


I love this excerpt from Dave Harvey’s excellent book, “When Sinners Say “I Do””.  The context of it is for husbands and wives, but I think this illustration is so excellent because it applies to all of us.  Too often, I want to take credit for my successes (maybe you do too), all the while totally missing the fact that God is the real reason behind my victories.  The Bible says, “what does a man have that he has not received? (..1 cor. 4:7.. nasb) “, but its interesting (actually kind of disturbing) how quick I am to want to pat myself on the back, as well as point out my accomplishments to others, so they too will tell me what a great job I’ve done.   I think you could call these unfortunate moments of mine as  “glory stealing”  (actually taking credit something that doesn’t belong to me).

“when my daughter was about four years old, she decided she was ready  to ride her bike without training wheels.   My wife and I  celebrated that big moment  and took her to a big, empty parking lot. We pulled the bike  out of the van, took off the training wheels, and placed my daughter on the seat. She was giggling with delight. “I’m ready,” she exclaimed. I gave her a little launch and began to instruct, “”you’ve got to pedal, go ahead!” but all the while  I kept my hands on the back of the seat.  We started going faster, until I was running  to keep up.  The  whole time she’s yelling, “Look at me! Look at me! I’m riding my bike!” never really getting it that Dad was holding her up.

That’s you and me. We roll along thinking, we’re the reason our marriage is making progress. We can live  completely oblivious  to the Father behind us, one divine hand on the seat and the another on the handlebars.  Marriage provides us the opportunity  to remind one another  of the real power behind our progress and direction. Does your spouse ever become captivated  with his or her own pedaling? That’s why God gave us each other.”


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