Both you, and your marriage will benefit from…


There are some books that are just mind-blowers.  You know,  it’s that kind of book you finish and think to yourself, “boy, if I could just apply a tenth of what I just read”.

Paul David Tripp’s book, “What did you expect?” is that kind of book.  It is a must read, I think for all married couples, and for those considering marriage.

Here is one powerful nugget from the book:

“Love is daily admitting to yourself, your spouse, and God that you are not able to love this way (a selfless, self-sacrificing, other person first kind of way). without Gods protecting, providing, forgiving, rescuing, and delivering grace. After reading this chapter, there are two things you should be left with. First, you should be confronted with the fact. that love is fundamentally deeper. and more active. than some warm, romantic feeling of affection toward someone to whom you are attracted.  It is not some generalized. response of happpiness.  when you are with this particular person.  No,love is a specific.  commitment. of the heart to a specific. person that caused you to give yourself to a specific lifestyle of care that requires you to be willing to make sacrifices that have that person’s good in view. Love is never general, and it never remains fin the realm of feelings.

You see,God’s call to love confronts us with our weakness and inability. It makes us face how cold and fickle our hearts actually are.  It helps us to see how week are resolve is. It call us to humbly admit  how unwilling and impatient we are. Being faced with our weakness is one of God’s goals in marriage. This. comprehensive , lifelong relationship is a tool in the hands of God to expose the delusions of wisdom, righteousness, and strength to mobilize us to seek help.  And there is help, wonderful, sufficient Help for all who seek it.

As John begins that long. discussion of love that we have already. considered in this passage, he says these words, ” God sent His only Son into the world, so that we might live through Him (1 John 4:9)”


Yeah, you will like this book and your marriage will benefit from your doing so.


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