What if I didn’t remember ….


It was early Friday and I knew that the party I was hosting the next day, I had better fill up my pool–the water level looked low.

After being challenged all week by my reading of “Extreme Owership -how U.S. Navy SEALs lead and Win”, I was proud of myself for my focus and preparation.

A relatively short amount of ti went on by and I checked on my “filling up job”–all was going well.

Soon, some family members came on by  that were staying over at our house that night and we got to enjoying some quality relationship time… And the hours went by.

As I got to thinking about all that was going to be happening the next day and how late it was getting, I thought I had better go to sleep.  As I was making my way upstairs,  I remembered (luckily) that the water was still turned on.

Whew!  I turned the water off outside and as I about to go back in the house, I thought I heard some noise.  I went to investigate and ugh!

The water in the pool was already overflowing the filter!

Two very clear lessons came to my mind:  1) I realized the consequences of losing focus.  I had a goal in mind (filling my pool), but then became distracted by family visiting).  I took my mind off what I was doing.

2) I just was grateful for knowing a merciful God.  I didn’t even want to think  about what would have happened if I didn’t turn off the water and it ran all night long.

What about you?  How focused are you in the tasks you do?  A few tips that can help you keep on task (and which,I should have done):

-write things down (don’t leave important details to remembering them)

-use an alarm clock if you need to

-ask someone to hold you accountable to tasks you said you would complete

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