Are you driving too fast to work (and in life)?


Did you ever have this experience?

You are driving in traffic and speeding along with everyone else?  As you are driving someone cuts in front of you.  Later on, you find yourself stressed because there is a back up and you realize you are now going to be a few minute later in arriving to your destination than usual.


As readers of this blog are probably aware, it seems like in the past two years I’ve been on my own spiritual journey dealing with the topic of “Enjoyment”.     Being a goal-oriented person it seems like I always have some new project in the works, some goal I need to get executed.     Go, go, go–that’s how life has been typically lived by me

So, as I’m evaluating my own life, and trying to understand what a healthy and satisfying perspective in living life looks like, I was given an example right before my eyes on how life is so often lived out.    I was driving to work today and I saw other drivers leaning over their steering wheels zipping past me as though they were driving in a NASCAR race.  I thought to myself “what was their motivation for being in such a hurry?”

For some, maybe they derived some kind of satisfaction knowing that their car is faster than mine- a source of pride.

Maybe for others, they wanted others to know they were better drivers and could beat every one else in driving faster.

Maybe for others, they are just poor planners.  Because they didn’t think ahead, they  found themselves, stressed and running late for work, which led to them rushing to work,  driving as fast as they thought they could get away with, so they wouldn’t arrive late for work

But, what was so interesting to me was that most of the time, we all ended up at the same red light further on down the road.  So, what gain, for whatever reason, did the fast driver have for zooming along as he passed me?

As I reflected on these observations, I thought about how people live their life.  I found a lot of similarities.  How many of the fast drivers I was watching were actually enjoying their drive?  Most of them seemed pretty intense as though were in some kind of competition.

Do you ever feel like  you are always busy, always needing to accomplish more, always needing do things faster, always needing to squeeze a little bit more in to your already-packed life, always watching the other guy and what he owns or is doing (as though you were competing with him)?  I know I have to all these.

In my pursuit of wanting to enjoy life more, I am asking a lot of  questions of myself and God.


I wonder how many times these “driving fast through life” people (and myself) enjoy and notice the beautiful things around them?

I wonder how many times they (and I) will sacrifice the opportunity to beat their own fastest time, to pull off the road and help someone in need?

I wonder with all their intensity in driving, in and out of traffic, and maybe blowing a red light or stop sign, how much meaningful time is spent talking with the others in the car who are along with them in this journey?


Thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts as I seek to find greater enjoyment in life (and on my way to work each day).


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