Technically, I can drive well, so what’s the problem?


Recently, I’ve been reading about Navy SEALS and also watching a World War 2 documentary on cable. Fascinating.  I am intrigued by the intensity, courage, and so much more about these real, life and death war stories.

One of the things I read from one of the Navy SEALS   was that he was talking about his time in Iraq.  He was mentioning that as new soldiers came to the war zone,  they had to be repeatedly told to keep alert. Even when things appeared to safe, they had to be on guard for their very life.

I thought about this “always being on the alert” kind of mindset just a few days ago.  I was driving on my way to work and as I was taking a turn on one of the smaller streets, I saw an attractive woman jogging down the middle of the road.

Seriously, I don’t think it was her attractiveness that kind of dazed me (though that has happened at times in the past), but that as she was jogging up to intersection, she was running right in the middle of the road.  Even from a distance as I saw her coming, I thought she could easily be hit by a car going in either direction–how foolish can a person be (just to point out, she could have easily jogged on the grass on the shoulder of the road).

As I was dazed by what she was doing, I wasn’t paying attention and I smacked up against the curb. There was no damage to the car, but a valuable take away lesson for me.

I immediately thought back to the soldiers I’ve been reading about and their need to always be alert to their circumstances around them for fear they might be shot.

Do you know that we have an enemy (the Devil) that seeks to destroy us?  Some people have no clue of the Devil’s existence. Some people are aware but quickly dismiss the slightest mention of his name as accusing people of stirring up thoughts about “the devil being behind every tree” (or something like that).

I can drive well. My running into the curb experience wasn’t because of a lack of driving ability, but of my focus.

Walking with God through life really isn’t technically hard because Jesus Christ has already won the victory for us on the Cross and in His resurrection.    The problem for us is that of focus. Like Peter walking on the water, once he took his eyes off Jesus because of the distractions of the wind and waves around him, that’s when he began to sink.  As Peter (and you and I) set our minds on the things of God, we are fine.  The problem comes when we set our minds on the things of the flesh that’s when things go bad.

Stay focused my friend.  Like the soldiers in battle, beware at all times of your circumstances and the potentials dangers that can come about as you lose your focus.

Seek to be wise and in the moment, every moment.


Thank you for your reading of this post. I hope it has been a blessing for you in some way.

If you click on this link,   you will be able to download this free resource donated graciously by Crossway Publishing: “habits of grace” by Dave Mathis, which talks about “enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines”.

It will take you only about 3 minutes to complete Crossway’s requested-information, then you will have the free download.   Enjoy it and other, great Crossway resources.

Thank you for participating in this.


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