You can both help me AND receive a FREE book


FREE book follow-up.  

A few days ago I had mentioned I was offering a Free book, in partnership with Crossway Publishing for those readers who would take just a few minutes to complete a 10 question survey.    Well, read through this post and then follow the links for further instructions.


To readers of this blog, you are aware that these posts are written with a deep desire to help you understand and be motivated to strive for excellence in every area of your life. With that purpose in mind, it is no wonder that in so many of my posts I ask you to do some kind of personal evaluation.   Without taking time to ask your self questions to measure where you are at in some area of responsibility in your life, how will you know when and what adjustments you’ll need to make in your pursuit to do better.

I believe strongly that the number one area of responsibility in each of our lives is the “Devotion to God” category. Without being focused on this area, it is hard to profit from your efforts in any other area of responsibility.

With that in mind, I’d like to ask you, dear reader of this blog to take just a few minutes to complete the following questionnaire.   It is an anonymous 10 question survey.  Your name will not be connected in any way to the tabulated results I see.  I’m not sure what will become of the answers I will receive, but I believe the Lord is leading in the creation of this post.   With the combination of several thousand blog followers and  social media connections I have, my hope is to receive quite a few completed responses that I can use in some way.

Here it goes, if you would complete this  10 question survey – “how are you being challenged to live out your faith?”, as an added bonus, I have connected with Crossway Publishing who has graciously offered a free download resource     It will take you only about 3 minutes to complete Crossway’s information, then you will have their book, “habits of grace” by Dave Mathis, which talks about “enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines”.

Thank you for participating in this.




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