Is it time for you to “watch some film”?


If you are any kind of sports fan at all, you will certainly hear something about coaches watching film.  The idea is that after say, a Sunday football game, the coaching staff will come together on Monday to watch the game in detail and analyze each player and each play.  This is a key learning time to observe what their players did well and where there is room for improvement.

I call this step of reviewing, “Evaluation” and it is super important if you are wanting to pursue excellence in your own life and in all seven areas of responsibility.

The first step in Evaluating well is to be very intentional about it.   Do it right after the project is done, or the event, or the presentation, or the work day, etc.   Do a thorough review of what happened while it is fresh on your mind and ask lots of questions.

What did I (we) do well?

What did I (we) do not so well?

What did we not anticipate that occurred?

What could we have done to better prepare for this ?

What lessons did I learn from this that I can apply to other areas?

The healthy and most beneficial perspectives to have will be that of humility (realizing I can always do better) and discipline (taking the intentional time to do the evaluation (although your first thought might be that you “nailed it”), and lastly being detail-minded (looking to be thorough  in your analysis).

The idea is not to get down on anyone, but always keeping in mind, the perspective of “how can we do better next time”?




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