Just curious, would you be interested in knowing what was the final conclusion to …


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Being one who has enjoyed the study of leaders, I am always surprised when some influential leader messes up in a big way with some moral failure,  and then it seems like all the good he has done goes out the window.  Although this person was at one time, an influential person and whose insights were highly regarded, after their mistakes became known, they seem to have lost all credibility.   That’s unfortunate!

One such figure that immediately comes to my mind in this kind of way  is King Solomon from the Bible.   His writings in Proverbs, Song of Solomon, and I believe, the Book of Ecclesiastes are some of the most well-known in the Scriptures.

Just curious, would you be interested in knowing what was the final conclusion to this man’s search for meaning and satisfaction in life?  Again, please keep in mind that the Bible describes him as the wisest man who ever lived.  It would seem like it might benefit us to know what this man thought.  But sadly to say, most people don’t focus on his “final reflective thoughts on life” as much as they think of him as a wise person and one who had a seemingly endless sexual appetite, having a combination of 1000 women, made up of  wives and mistresses.

Although this moral failure is wrong on so many fronts, what made things even worse was that not only was he being unfaithful on a massive scale to his wife (wives), but he also became a spiritual adulterer with God. He abandoned devotion to the One, True God and began adding foreign gods to his soul’s affections,.

However, with all that said, let us keep in mind that this was again the wisest person who ever lived.  I guess that shows you the lost state of even the best of humanity–we are all corrupted to our very being.

I look forward to spending a lot of time in the near future reading the words of this wise person and looking to better understand their application in my life.  I have an expectant attitude for lessons God has for me and those I will be passing along to you in this blog.

For now, I just want to end this post with Solomon’s  final summary statement from his search for the meaning in life when he said: “The end of the matte;  all has been heard, Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgement, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.”  (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14  esv)


The wisest man who ever lived (though he was still flawed in many ways) summed up that the most important priority for anyone is to fear God and obey Him.  How are you doing in this priority?

If this area of responsibility is really not on your radar screen, what area is more important to you than this one?

Would you be interested in knowing what Solomon had to say about this area?  Solomon  pursued satisfaction and meaning in almost every area you could imagine (read the Book of Ecclesiastes) and he found that nothing other than God will really satisfy.  But, check it out for yourself and come up with your own conclusions.


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