Bill Gates on how to negotiate


“People who enter negotiations focused exclusively on what they want are determined, in a macho way, to deny the other guy what he wants,   Gates said.  I prefer to understand what the other party wants and plan a strategy to see if I can deliver a solution that satisfies their need while fitting that comfortably into my goal.  If I can do that, it’s not a battle, it’s an alliance. A collaboration.

Excerpt from “God is a Salesman” by Mark Stevens

I love my job if it weren’t for the people.  Have you ever heard that phrase before, or even said it yourself?

Whether it’s at work dealing with employees, or co-workers, or maybe its a conflict you are having with your neighbor, or a spouse, or involved in a dispute with your lawn service, etc. learning how to negotiate with others is of huge importance.

You can’t always get what you want.  You also wouldn’t feel right if you gave in to every demand someone else puts on you.  So, how can you negotiate well?

For one, I would say it’s in your best interest to do a Google search and/or pay a visit to your library to do some research on this important topic.

In the meantime, I thought that the excerpt about Bill Gates mentioned above is a great strategy to  think on and try to apply.


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