Book Review: “The Practice of Management” by Peter Drucker


People interested in business are well aware of the importance of technology, the importance of mentoring workers, the importance of focusing on your employee’s strengths, the importance of crystal clear objectives,  and so much more.

Yet, as I read so many books on these topics, what I found interesting is that this book, “The Practice of Management” by Peter Drucker was written in 1954.

Peter Drucker is considered by many “the founder of modern management”

Although some of the specific case studies mentioned are a bit out of date, the principles are as current as today’s news.  I found his explanations so insightful and at times, I had to just put my book down and say to myself “that makes total sense, why don’t more companies do this?”

If you get some time, check out this book. It is a classic.


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