And so, “whose life are you building into”?


We all have a lot going on in our lives. We have responsibilities at work, family, and church, etc. and it seems like it’s often hard enough just trying to keep up with our concerns.

My guess is that many, if not most of you would agree with me–life can be hard.   With that said, I found this excerpt from Peter Drucker’s “The Practice of Management” to be a challenge for me to step up my gain, and widen perspective.

Although it is written in the context of managers at work, I think there is much broader application for us.   I hope this might challenge you to always be looking for ways to step up your game in all areas of your life.


” it is also a necessity for the spirit, the vision, and the performance of today’s managers that they be expected to develop those who will manage tomorrow. Just as no one learns  as much about a subject  as the man who is forced to teach it, no one develops as much as the man who is trying to help others  to develop themselves. Indeed, no one can develop himself unless he works on the development of others.  It is in and through efforts  to develop others that managers raise their demands on themselves.   The best performers in any profession always  look upon the me they have trained and developed as the proudest monument they can leave behind.”


So, whose life are you building into?


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