“Here lies a man who…” (revised)


My apologies on the last post I sent–major display issues–sorry:


If someone were to ask you, as a leader, what would be the reason for your success—what would you say?

My guess is that the most common answers would be:

“I worked harder than anyone else”

“I had some great coaches who helped me develop my talent”

“I am naturally talented”

“I had a driving ambition to make it to the top”

Truth-time—-would your answer to that question be any different from one of these four?  If so, what would your reason be for your success?

Leaders, this is really an important question for you to think through.

My answer, I believe would be that any success I have had over the years has been a result of God’s grace and favor.

But, here is another one, I found to have a lot of merit.  These words are written on the tombstone of Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919), one of the richest men who ever lived;  “Here Lies a Man Who Knew How to Enlist in His Service Better Men Than Himself'”.

What a powerful statement containing so many nuggets of deep insight, such as humility, the need for teamwork, the need to rely on other’s strengths, etc.


Leaders, how comfortable are you with enlisting the help of others ?

Leaders, does your pride keep you from asking for help from others?

Leaders, does your pride prevent you from admitting others might have more skill in a certain area than you?

Can you name people who you are relying on in some way to assist you to be a better person?



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