Bill Gates said what about money…?


In a response to a question to Bill Gates (early on in his career at Microsoft) if he thought much about money, he replied: ” Thinking a lot about money is the best way to make sure you never earn a great deal of it. Far wiser to focus on a passion, on something powerful you can do to change people’s lives. I have always believed that the money will then follow.”

Excerpt taken from “God is a Salesman” by Mark Stevens

I wonder if there are many other people besides me that are greatly challenged by this quote from Bill Gates?

I can find it so easy to be led astray by the pursuit of increasing my wealth that I can totally miss out on how selfish and shortsighted I can be.

When I find myself beginning to question my motives for what I have been doing and begin to make new resolutions for the future, I’m reminded of a phrase an old boss of mine used to say quite frequently, “just do the right thing”.

To me, I think that’s what Bill Gates was referring.



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