Is it time to “party”?


Work! Work! Work!

I want more! more! more!

Do you ever feel like that is what you are hearing at work? maybe even at church? maybe even at home?

I love setting up goals.  I believe they are very important.  They provide vision for me and motivation.  But, one thing that I have come to see the importance of, especially for leaders is the need to pause at time from pushing your people to achieve more and CELEBRATE what has been accomplished.

The application of this simple, but powerful, re-energizing practice has relevance for the workplace, churches, and the family.  Instead of keeping your gaze always on the future and what more you need or want to accomplish, how about pushing the pause button and celebrating where you are today and where you have come from?

Appreciate the sacrifices you have made and all the effort you have put in to get to where you are at today.  Express your appreciation to others on your “team” who have demonstrated a commitment to get you to where you are at today.  Pause to thank God for His goodness to you.

Celebrating “successes” has an incredible way of multiplying motivation in your team.  Celebration is so closely related to encouragement, which I have written about before and I believe is so rarely practiced among people.

Cheer each other up! Focus on the positives! Express gratitude!  Enjoy your team victories and the members of your team!

Take time to party!


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