A good marriage requires “regular meetings”


I would imagine that most of us have been involved with some kind of team activity, whether that was being a member of a sports team, an orchestra, or a volunteer organization.  Maybe, when I mentioned that team activity, your mind raced to being part of a task force at work.

My point is that I believe most of us can relate to the idea of being on a team, and with that experience, we can understand what’s involved in being successful.  Teams that do well and succeed are usually characterized by a few similar traits:

*They have a commitment to do what it takes to succeed (whether it’s in how often they meet, or the degree of sacrifice they are willing to put in)

*There is a realization that to do well will require buy-in from all parties—-having a lone-ranger mindset will not produce victories, selfish attitudes will only hurt the potential for team success

*There is a vision of success in their minds, whether it’s a championship, or meeting a financial goal, or thrilling an audience with a perfect performance, they are striving to be their best

In thinking about this, I thought it sad that in my experiences, relatively few marriages have this “let’s work as a team to be successful” mindset.  If a man and a wife would, than:

  • there would be more “meetings” between them where they would describe the state of their relationship. They would talk about how well they are doing in their communication with each other, if there are any things that are on their mind or festering, they would pray for each other’s concerns, they would have goals AND they would have these types of meetings regularly    >>>> how often are you and your spouse having these types of “meetings”
  • have you looked in the mirror recently, and/or prayed that God would reveal areas of selfishness you are bringing in to the relationship?
  • when is the last time you talked with your spouse about creating, pursuing, and achieving goals that you can both strive for?

Please keep in mind that these types of “meetings” can be fun.  You don’t have to meet at a boardroom, sitting across from each other at some formal business table.   You can go to a nice restaurant to have one of these meetings.  You can enjoy catching up as you take a walk, or sit together on the couch.

The issue is really not where you have the “meeting”, but that you have them, and have them regularly.  Is it time for you to set up a “meeting”.


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