What to do when your day just ….


Have you ever had a day when it just seemed like nothing went well?  or rather, when is the last time you had that kind of day because we all will at some time?

I’ve had one of those days today, actually the past couple have been pretty similar.  Things hoped for never happened. Unexpected negative things did happen. Throughout the day(s), it seemed like I was walking under the oppression of a storm cloud.

So, what I am doing right now?

Well, besides writing this post, I’m telling myself truth and giving myself perspective.

I am not alone with having “slumps” like I’m in

I know the things that have happened don’t affect who I am, they are just circumstantial things

I am recognizing that these are “fork in the road” moments.  I have a choice on how I will respond. What I mean by that is I can focus on all the recent negative things that have happened, or I can say, “oh well, to those things that have happened  (they were not due to my errors, they just happened) and I can look forward to better days ahead.

Yesterday, after work, I exercised and worked out some of my frustrations.  Today, I’m wiped out and I’m just going to chill.  (I need to know myself and make adjustments to my circumstances)

I can relate to people who also are going through some tough times and be compassionate and merciful toward them

Yep, these last two days were not the greatest, but there is always tomorrow.!


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