Do you need to get a round “tuit” ?


A few weeks back, I was talking to someone about some activity they wanted to do and they said something along the lines of “yeah, I never got a round to it”.

“Humm” I thought.  At one point, it seemed so important to him, but it seems like it just got lost in all the activities of his just doing life.

Well, first of all, if anyone of you, find yourself saying the same thing, “that you never got around to it”, please feel free to cut out this picture and keep it with you for when need it.    4

People who tend to say, “I never got around to it”, or “I just forgot” tend not to understand the harm they cause their own reputation when they don’t follow through on things they said they would do.  They also don’t quite realize that their forgetting to do something can hurt someone else’s feelings as the other person thinks to themself, “well, I guess I’m not that important to them, or else they would have remembered to do that”.

If you find yourself forgetting to complete projects, then I have a simple, but effective system for you that I believe could be life impacting (really).




  1. give yourself regular times to evaluate
  2. consider and write down all the activities and projects (or things you said you would do) that you are responsible for
  3. prioritize them by what is most important to you (not necessarily what is most urgent, although that may factor in to things)
  4. set some kind of goals for those activities  (it might not mean you are looking to complete a task, but you are looking to make progress in accomplishing that goal
  5. Lastly, continue these steps on a regular basis–manage the process



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