Enjoy watching someone love what they do: Roger Federer


One thing I write about frequently  is the need to strive for excellence in every area of responsibility.  At the heart of my thought is “why wouldn’t you want to be your best in all these areas—they all matter.  On top of that, nearly all of them, there are people who are affected by  how well we fulfill these responsibilities.

Now, one thing that will dramatically affect your performance in these different areas is when we can really enjoy what we are doing.  When we like doing something, we are more relaxed. We tend to be more energetic and creative.  We have fun.

With all that said, I found this quote from John McEnroe interesting (John is a 3 time Wimbledon winner). He was commenting on the play of Roger Federer who just played a sensational match against Marin Cilic.  ” Roger Federer’s longevity is down to the seven-time Wimbledon champion loving tennis more than any other player in history, says John McEnroe. I’ve never seen someone love playing as much as Roger. That’s the thing what I admire more than anything about him,” said McEnroe.”

Let me encourage you to find ways to enjoy all the different areas of your responsibility. Get more thankful. Find more positives in what you do. Find more motivation to do well in each area.  Look to enjoy each area and the growing success you’ll have as you do.

Now, if you have a few minutes, enjoy about 20 minutes of highlight from Roger Federer’s recent match and enjoy watching someone who loves what he does and is one of the game’s all time greats:


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