Insightful advice to leaders from General George Patton


This post today is for all you parents, and pastors, and bosses, and managers, and coaches who have people who look to lead.

It is a quote from General George Patton:

“Do everything you ask of those you command.”

Rather than sitting in some ivory tower barking down commands to those who report and follow you, how about getting down to their level and then, leading them by example and empathy.

Please keep in mind that followers always have a choice about following you.     Some times, your followers don’t need another rule to follow. Some time, maybe what they need is for to:

1)demonstrate what you have asked them to do, then allow them to ask any questions, they might have as to how perform the task

2)Then, allow them to do what you have asked, while you are overseeing them (encouraging their efforts, and gently and clearly explaining anything they need to do differently)

3)Allow them to do what you have asked them to do (on their own, without you looking over their shoulders)….after some time, go back to inspect their work (while continuing to encourage and gently instructing)



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