Are you managing your goals?


As readers of this blog will know, I believe in a helpful Life Management process, which is helpful for managing all the areas of your responsibilities, or even just one area:

    1. Taking time to Evaluate
    2. Seeing all the Areas of Responsibilities
    3. Making Priorities
    4. Setting Goals
    5. Managing the Process


Today, I want to pass on just a few comments about the 5th step- Managing the Process.  In some ways, this is the most important step of them all.

Why is it such a crucial step?

  • Things can change from the time you made your original plans
  • Your original expectations from which you came up with your original goals could have been way off
  • As your current goals plays out, you might come to realize you need to make adjustments
  • Motivating emotions, which led you to envision accomplishing some kind of goal,  can soon fade away. Without a plan to stay on top of fulfilling your plans, it is likely, your goals will never happen

I really want to stress that planning is crucial to accomplishing tasks, however without a regular review of your plans and their progress, most likely you will find yourself weeks and months down the road, saying to yourself (and to others) “what ever happened to that idea we had a while back”. Trust me.  I’ve been in too many meetings where this has taken place.

Managing the Process involves Support, Encouragement, Follow-Through, Execution, Accountability, Measurement, Preparation, Hard Work, Discipline, Perseverance.

If your original idea really was important to you (or the team) in the first place, isn’t worth it then, to manage the implementation of the plan?


Oh, one last thing—if you need help to see your goal(s) happen—ASK someone. Take responsibility and do what you can to manage the process to execute your ideas!  You will be glad you did.


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