“Recalibrating” needs to be intentional


This weekend was a good one. It was super relaxing, but also very challenging. I enjoyed many good “catching up with family and friends” kind of moments, which were good.  However,  I also had some quiet me-times  to just think about life, read, and talk, and listen to God.  During some of these “recalibrating” times,  I wondered to myself:

do I spend more time each day thinking about my income and 401k savings than I do to reading the Bible and thinking of Biblical principles?

do I spend more time being critical and complaining about people or praying and having  thoughts of compassion toward others ?

do I spend more time with social media wanting to be in the know about everyone else’s life or evaluating my tone, attitude, and choice of words that were involved in my different interactions I had with others?

As I pondered many thoughts like this, I recognized how rarely I spend quality time like this , really going deep in spending time with God and my thoughts.

I guess it’s all about priorities and if my greatest desire is to strive to live a life that honors my God, I need to make the time more often for these mental and spiritual recalibrations.


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